Credat Judaeus

               FIRST COUPLE 

Three couples were we in the lane, 
Keeping our walks and turning again;
        At the point where we meet 
        The roar of the street
Like the sound of a beast in pain 
        Comes faintly. Here all is sweet.

Who were the others?  I did not see.
        Why should I look at the men at all? 
Why should their partners interest me?
        I'm sure that I loved mine best of all.
Perfect in beauty and grace, Perfect in figure and face, She with her eyes divine! The present for just us two; Eternity makes her mine, Our love is eternal and true!

Watch them, dearest, cheek to cheek, Arm in arm; when years are past Will their love like our love last, Still so fond, still cheek to cheek? There is one true love below; We have found it! Others kiss For a little, part and miss, Grieve awhile, then lightly go. These in earnest! I have seen Many such; the years will fly, Leave us loving, you and I, While they talk of what has been.

I wanted them walks so bad With you, and missus is mad 'Cos she says I gad out at night; No doubt but what she's right. Well, I can't stay long, but see, Promise to 'old to me, An I'll 'old to you for hever! Them people may court a bit­ They don't love like we two! Oh, George! I've got no one but you. 'Old by me! Promise it! And I'll never leave you, never! I, the writer that made them speak, Laughed aloud as I passed the three, Strong in a passion to last a week, For Love that is real was given to me!

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