Solus cum Sola

We were alone on the beach,
   Facing the summer sea,
Watching the waves on the beach, 
  Watching the moon on the sea.

Words were not many, I ween; 
  Why should we want them, we?
Two hearts, and nothing between, 
  Facing the summer sea.

Silence! such silence is speech. 
  She, with her arm in mine,
Pacing the moonlit beach, 
  Makes it communion divine.

Voice of the world around? 
  Blatant bands on the pier?
We have not heard a sound,
  And yet you say they were near!

Well, we must go there once more, 
  Hear them play, you and I
Lo! the day's glory is o'er; 
  Until to-morrow, good-bye.