Uncollected Poems from Schooldays

Title First line Notes
The Night Before I sneered when I heard the old priest complain
Job’s Wife Curse now thy God and die, for all is done.
Haste So the end came
My Hat A youth but late returned from School,
The First Day Back The first day back, ay bitter cold it was.
Unpublished Fragment of Pope Our friend just hears that doggrel writing pays
Unpublished Fragment of Shelley Rather than this should happen I would see
Chivalry Is a woman but man’s plaything, fairest woman in her pride?
Crossing the Rubicon A cry in the silent night,
Disappointment One day whilst full of burning thought,
The Excursion My college cap is perched upon my head,
Reckoning Count we the Cost—the sun is setting fast,
Waytinge 1 Doubte not that Pleasure cometh in the End,—
To You (A reminiscence) A memory of our sojourn by the Sea,
For a Picture (Venus Meretrix) This much am I to you—
Pro Tem Make we a fire in the dark
Cave Lilies be plenty with us,
Index Malorum The wild waves beat upon the shore,
A Mistake Of the two hundred fellows at School
An Auto-Da-Fe And did you love me then so much
The Page’s Message (The Message) Spare neither lie, nor deed, nor gold—
Told in the Dormitory The merry devil of some idle mood
Waytinge 2 Waytinge! wearilie waytinge,
Two Players Two Players playing games against the Gods.
A Question (By the Sea) Bring me a message of hope, O sea!
The Page’s Song Spring-time, shall it bring thee ease
The Story of Paul Vaugel This is the story of Paul Vaugel
Conspiracy Two that shall plotte together
Song (For Two Voices) I bound his soul by a word and an Oath
The Second Wooing (A Visitation) There came to me One at midnight, on golden pinions, and said:
Brighton Beach A flash in your eye for a minute—
Resolve I said to myself—’I will dream
Song for Two Voices (Song for Music) Follow and faint not, if the road be long
L’Envoi Rhymes, or of grief, or of sorrow
Parting Hot kisses on red lips that burn—
Rejection We will lay this thing here—
I sit in the Midst I sit in the midst of my study
How It Seemed to Us A grey flat lying out against the sea
Les Amours Faciles A woe that lasts for a little space
A Dedication What have I more to give thee, who have given thee all my heart—
Change A changed life and a changed hope
A Dominant Power A strong man pacing over burning sands
A Profession of Faith Each day watched die together binds us fast
Sir Galahad Sharpened sword at saddle bow
The Quest In years long past we met awhile, and vowed
Greeting What comfort can I send thee, sweet
The Trouble of Curtiss who Lodged in the Basement Ever so little to show for it
Romance and Reality Was it water in the woodlands
The Knight Errant Ridest a light of chivalry,
The letter written up in the attic I bear a mark from your hand, my love
Two Lives Two lives, one sweet and one most sad I lead
After the promise The day is most fair, the cheery wind
In the beginning Woe is, and pain, and men grow old thereby
A Promise Thy woe is mine—for thou hast held my heart
Where the Shoe Pinches The pain of parting—once and once again
An Ending Oh Dearest! The best I have ever written
The Wooing of the Sword What will ye give me for a heart ?
I believe Oh Love, what need is it that thou shouldst die?
Discovery We found him in the woodlands—she and I—
Mon Accident! Child of sin, and a broken vow,
After the Fever Let the worst come now, and I shall not fear
His Consolation (Their Consolation) Alas! Alas! It is a tale so old—
A Tryst The night comes down in rain, grey garmented—
The Attainment (Escaped) Peace for a season—in the heart of me
Parting (In the Hall) The last five minutes were worth the price—
The Reaping Hush—What appeal
A Craven I who was crowned king am now bereft
Understanding One time when ashen clouds received the sun
A Voyage Our galley chafes against the Quay
Severance (Woking Necropolis) Plight my troth to the dead, Love?
What the Young Man’s Heart Said to Him Break, ah Break!
Satiety Last year’s wreath upon our brow
Confession Is not the dawning very slow to rise—
Lo! I am Crowned Lo! I am Crowned
El Dorado A golden place—whose portals shine
The Sign of the Flower (The Sign of the Withered Violet) Wait for a little—and if my woe