I said to myself— 'I will dream 
   As the summer days go by, 
   What  is my  Destiny—'
And I lay and dreamt my dream 
   And I woke from it with a cry—

And I said in fear—'I will go,
   Ere the rose's bud be red,
   I will labour for my bread'—
   But I knew not whither to go,
And summer passed over my head.

And I said to myself 'I will rise
   Ere the green leaf change to brown,
I will win me great renown 
   Ere Autumn chill the skies,
And the laden bough bend down.'

But Winter came and I cried 
   From under the sodden trees,
   'Now is the time for Ease'— 	
And I filled my heart with pride.

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