(notes by Philip Holberton, drawing on the researches of  of Andrew Rutherford and Thomas Pinney)


A Holograph [handwritten by Kipling] version in Sundry Phansies, the Notebook presented by Kipling perhaps in February 1882 to ‘Flo” Garrard, the beautiful art student with whom he had fallen in love after meeting her in the summer of 1880, when he was fourteen; there is no firm date, probably 1881/82. See Rutherford pp. 24-28 for details of the Notebooks, including Sundry Phansies.

The poem was never collected by Kipling, but is to be found in Rutherford (p. 110), and Pinney p. 1612.

The poem

As the summer and autumn pass, the poet makes three resolutions: to dream of his destiny, to labour for his bread, to win great renown. But when winter comes he settles for a time of Ease.


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