“The Flight”


So the end came
      In the darkness of night— 
There was no flame,
      There was no light 
To guide us aright.

And I called to her out of the gloom—
      (She was all to me)
      'Flee thou to the sea 
Lest they seek for thee
And hale us twain to the doom.'

And she said 'This is woe 
      Greater than all—
      In the way that we go 
There be many that fall
      And trouble will come to us so'—

But we fled away,
      (Tho' the face of the sea 
 Was covered with spray,
      And the wave rose angrily)
To 'scape from the God of the Seas—
And we twain were ill at ease 

And we came  to  a weedy shore— 
      But when we would have passed
The boat stayed evermore
      In the wrack that held it fast, 
Even as Sin that will last,
      Though many years be o'er. 

So we waited for God on the sea 
      (Silent and hand in hand)
Till there came a wind from the land 
      And the deep was stirred with pain,
And she passed with a sigh from me
Into the mist and the rain'—
Yet I pray to the God of the Seas 
      That he give me my Love again, 
      That he bring my spirit ease.
        But I fear me, my prayers are vain.

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