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KJ327/54 Conrad and Kipling – “Ultimate Breaking Strain” C1 West, John 82 Jun 2008
KJ327/54 OF THOSE CALLED C1 325/50 Wilson, Alastair 82 Jun 2008
KJ327/56 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2007 Wilson, Alastair 82 Jun 2008
KJ327/58 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 80, 2007. Minutes 82 Jun 2008
KJ327/65 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2007. Statement 82 Jun 2008
KJ328/06 Kipling Society, Change of Membership Secretary Editorial 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/06 Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew – Marianne North Gallery Editorial 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/07 THE EYES OF ASIA: A Bibliographical Essay Jain, Anurag 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/11 The Tragedy of Rudyard Kipling Lerner, Fred 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/19 Annual Luncheon, 2008, including the Address by Rear-Admiral Guy F. Liardet With various introductions 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/31 Rudyard Kipling’s visit to Dalhousie Caleb, Jane 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/34 Mourning and Rejoicing at Old St Paul’s Kipling, Rudyard; ed. Pinney, Thomas 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/38 Kipling’s Works – Change Of Website Editor 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/39 WHITE MAN’S BURDEN (FNv) Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” and its Afterlives Brantlinger, Patrick 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/59 Book Review. Rudyard Kipling’s Uncollected Speeches by Thomas Pinney Editor 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/60 Book Review. Kipling’s Sussex by Michael Smith Editor 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/62 Kipling Sahib by Charles Allen C1 325/53 Leeper, Josephine 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/63 Scumfish C1 Holberton, Philip 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/64 Abaft the Funnel and ‘Captains Courageous’ C1 325/50 Coles, G.V. 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/65 The Indian Railway Library C1 325/11 Underwood, F.A. 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/66 Library of Congress Collections C1 326/22 Wynn, Debra D. 82 Sep 2008
KJ328/67 Wonder and Awe C1 326/50 Havholm, Peter L. 82 Sep 2008
KJ329/06 Sheffield Mini-Conference in 2009 Editorial 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/06 Two Ghost Stories by M R James Editorial 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/06 University of Cape Town Conference in 2009 Editorial 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/07 Edmonia Hill in the Atlantic Monthly Editorial 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/08 Kipling Society change of President: Sir George Engle, K.C.B., Q.C. Wilson, Cdr Alastair 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/09 Kipling Society change of President: Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, G.C.B., C.B.E., D.L. Wilson, Cdr Alastair 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/10 A SAHIB’S WAR: Attacking the Boers in the style of Kipling Sahib Damstra, K. St John 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/26 Obituary: John F. Slater, M.A. Walker, John 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/27 MRS BATHURST: “Mrs Bathurst” – A Sequel? Wilson, Alastair 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/38 How the Fox got a Bushy Tale Pennance, Maurice & Benjamin 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/42 MARY POSTGATE: On Kipling’s Ambivalence towards War in “Mary Postgate” Paris, Jamie 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/61 Did Pyecroft have a South African Lady Friend? Wilson, Alastair 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/61 The Absent-Minded Beggar’s Apology C1 305/64 Wade, Shamus O.D. 82 Dec 2008
KJ329/63 THE APPEAL C1 Holberton, Philip 82 Dec 2009
KJ330/06 Leonard Raven-Hill Editorial 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/08 Across Our Fathers’ Graves: Kipling And Field Marshall Earl Roberts Atwood, Rodney 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/28 Wikipedia and Kipling Editorial 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/29 THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH: A Reading Sergeant, David 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/43 KIM, ‘Transcending The Self’? Appropriation of Eastern Mystical Thought In Kipling’s Work Awan, Muhammad Safeer 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/57 Readers’ Guide, Harbord R.E., Draft Notes for the Second Volume of Verse Editorial 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/58 THE SCHOLARS, The Story behind ‘”The Scholars” Richards, Robin 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/62 Book Review LAND AND SEA TALES Being Kipling by William Dillingham Editor 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/63 Book Review JUST SO STORIES The Collector’s Library Editor 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/64 Book Review The Adventures of Dunsterforce by Major-General L.C. Dunsterville Editor 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/64 Book Review The March to Kandahar by Rodney Atwood Editor 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/66 Scumfish C2 328/63 Pinney, Thomas 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/66 THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN C1 328/39 Leeper, Josephine 83 Mar 2009
KJ330/67 Book Notice Notes on a Cellar-Book by George Saintsbury, ed. Prof T. Pinney Editor 83 Mar 2009
KJ331/03 About the Monograph on Maitland Park Editorial 83 Apr 2009
KJ331/04 Kipling’s Letters to Maitland Park Muir, Margaret 83 Apr 2009
KJ331/62 Selected Biographies Muir, Margaret 83 Apr 2009
KJ331/67 Bibliography Muir, Margaret 83 Apr 2009
KJ331/68 The Letters Muir, Margaret 83 Apr 2009
KJ332/06 Maiwand, Bermuda and “That Day” Editorial 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/06 The Competition Wallah Editorial 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/06 THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN C2 328/39 Wade, Shamus O.D. 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/06 University of Cape Town Conference – Postponed Editorial 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/07 Scumfish C3 328/63 Webb, Jo 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/08 Vancouver Island and the Kiplings Bosher, John F. 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/22 Kipling’s Ashes C1 328/63 Willians, Alison Vaughan 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/23 Ruddy’s Search for God: The Young Kipling and Religion Allen, Charles 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/37 THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH C1 330/29 Holberton, Philip 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/38 Obituary: Gordon Philo, C.M.G, M.C., K.N.M.(Hon) Luke, Barbara 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/40 Food and Cookery in Kipling: From the Cave-Woman’s Magic to the Scout’s Bacon and Eggs Montefiore, Jan 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/56 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2008 Wilson, Alastair 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/58 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 81, 2008. Minutes Noah, Frank 83 Jun 2009
KJ332/65 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2008. Statement Keskar, Jane 83 Jun 2009
KJ333/06 A Kipling Quotation? Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/06 Elgar and THE FRINGES OF THE FLEET Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/06 University of Sheffield Study Day Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/07 Nuda est veritas et prevalebit Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/08 THE GARDENER, The Problem of Identity in “The Gardener”:: An Impact of War Joshi, M.A., Amrit 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/17 Annual Luncheon, 2009, including the Address by Prof Richard Holmes, C.B.E., T.D., J.P. With various introductions 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/22 Kipling’s Soldiers Holmes, Richard 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/30 Rudyard Kipling and Selma Lagerlöf Sjölin, Thorsten 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/33 Rudyard Kipling and Saki Compared Connell, Prof Tim 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/54 The Kipling Susters; Skipton Robinson, Jean M. 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/65 Works on the Web Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/66 Across our Fathers’ Graves C1 330/13 Thornton, Terry 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/66 THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH C2 330/13 Thornton, Terry 83 Sep 2009
KJ333/66 THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN C3 328/39 & 330/66 Muir, Margaret 83 Sep 2009
KJ334/06 Alice and Elsie (see 327/07, “To Proteus. On reading his Love Sonnets”) Editorial 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/06 THE FRINGES OF THE FLEET CD Editorial 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/07 TRAFFICS AND DISCOVERIES: Technology And It: The Transition Of Imperial Vision Omomo, Toko 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/22 DANNY DEEVER: A Military Execution Beck, Ray 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/31 STEAM TACTICS (T&D): Where did they go? (with map of Sussex) Wilson Alastair 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/43 KIM: Aspects of the Indian notions of spirituality in Kipling’s Kim Mehta, Dr Naveen K. 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/48 THE COMET OF A SEASON Kipling, Rudyard 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/54 GALLIHAUK’S PUP Kipling, Rudyard 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/59 THE COMET OF A SEASON and GALLIHAUK’S PUP: Some Notes Editor 83 Dec 2009
KJ334/63 A Map for Kim? C1 Wyatt, John 83 Dec 2009
KJ335/06 The New Bibliography by David Alan Richards Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/07 Kipling in China – An Update Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/08 Proposed Study Day at the University of Bristol Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/09 The John Slater Memorial Kipling Essay Prize, 2009 Walker, John 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/10 The Prize-Winning Kipling Essay Noone,Gregory 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/14 The Presentation of the John Slater Memorial Kipling Essay Prize on 19 September 2009 Keskar, Jane 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/15 Unpublished Kipling Drawings Editor 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/21 THE SPIE’S MARCH; Kipling a Work: The Textual History of “The Spie’s March” Pinney, Thomas 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/34 The Jungle Book Spiders Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/36 Rudyard Kipling: Poet and Prophet Down, Martin 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/46 Kipling’s and Elgar’s FRINGES OF THE FLEET and CD Review Neill, Andrew 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/54 Library of Congress Kipling Collections Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/55 KASPAR’S SONG IN ‘VARDA’ (T&D); Another Way of Looking at Butterflies Dillingham, William B. 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/61 An Editor’s Apology – Ruskin not Carlyle (see KJ334, p.61) Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/63 The 4-4-0 “American” Locomotive C1 Haythornthwaite, Richard 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/64 Nuda est Veritas et Prevalebit (see KJ333, p.7) C1 Treggiari, Susan 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/64 The Problem of Identity in “The Gardener” (see KJ333, p.8) C1 Cluswell Jones, Jonathan 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/65 DANNY DEEVER; “Danny Deever” and Private George Flaxman (see KJ334, p.22) C1 Ayers, Roger C. 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/66 DANNY DEEVER; “Danny Deever” and Private George Flaxman (see KJ334, p.22) C1 Thornton, Terry 84 Mar 2010
KJ335/67 The Myth of the White Man’s War (see KJ333, p.66) R1 Wade, Shamus O.D. 84 Mar 2010
KJ336/06 A 2010 Study Day at the University of Bristol (The Absent-Minded Beggar) Editorial 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/06 The 2009 University of Sheffield Study Day (A&R) Editorial 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/06 The Source of the Poems (A&R) Editorial 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/07 An Habitation Enforced Tusser, Thomas 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/08 Actions and Reactions: Kipling’s Edwardian Summer (A&R) Karlin, Daniel 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/24 RECALL, THE (A&R) Kipling, Rudyard 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/25 Kipling’s Frailty and “With the Night Mail” (A&R) Lee, John 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/44 FOUR ANGELS, THE (A&R) Kipling. Rudyard 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/45 Actions and Reactions: A Fragmented Composition (A&R) Raimbault, Élodie 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/57 RABBI’S SONG, THE (A&R) Kipling, Rudyard 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/58 University of Bristol Study Day, 2010 (The Absent-Minded Beggar) Lee, John 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/60 Book Review: Kipling Abroad by Andrew Lycett Editor 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/61 Book Review Update: Rudyard Kipling: A Bibliography by David A. Richards Editor 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/62 New Readers’ Guide, The Radcliffe, John and Walker, John 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/63 PUZZLER, THE (A&R) Kipling, Rudyard 84 Apr 2010
KJ337/06 Writings on Writing New edition available Editorial 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/07 Kipling’s Cosmopolitan Vision in Kim (KIM) Silcox, Heidi Mae-Marie 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/17 The Lords of Misrule, and ‘The Pleasant Isle of Aves’ (S&C) Welby, Elizabeth 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/30 Rudyard (Saffordshire) Ball, Harry 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/32 Uncle Rud’ and the Stanley Family Morgan, Wendy and Hard, Robin 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/50 EXCHANGE; Notes Kipling, Rudyard; Editor 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/54 Kipling and Elgar: Fringes of the Fleet (see KJ335, p.46) C1 Mattinson, Brian J.H. 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/55 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2009 Keskar, S. 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/58 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 82, 2009. Minutes 84 Jun 2010
KJ337/65 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2009. Statement 84 Jun 2010
KJ338/06 British Pathé Archive Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/06 Change of Treasurer: Ray Beck replaces Frank Noah Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/06 ELT and M. Voiron; (THE BULL THAT THOUGHT) Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/07 A New Kipling Letter: News from Lahore Pinney, Thomas 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/11 The University of Bristol Study Day 15 June Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/12 Annual Luncheon, 2010, including the Address by Lady Juliet Townsend. With various introductions 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/23 Vinland Mishandled: A Fanciful Tale from the Plains Lewis, Lisa 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/25 An Audio Book – My Grandad and Afghanistan. Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/26 Who is this Ruddy Kipling?’ Lock, Alice 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/39 United Services College U.S.C. Commemorative Plaque Editor 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/41 Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall Diamond, Bryan 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/49 Ruddy Songs’: The Voices of Kipling Mattinson,, Brian J.H. 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/56 Book Review. Kipling’s Children’s Literature by Sue Walsh Editor 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/64 EXCHANGE (see KJ337, p.50) C1 Engle, George 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/65 A VILLAGE RIFLE CLUB Kipling, Rudyard 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/65 From the French? (see KJ336, pp.32, 47) C1 Holberton, Philip 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/65 The 4-4-0 “American” Locomotive (see KJ335, p.63) R1 Turner, Andrew A. 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/65 The 4-4-0 “American” Locomotive (see KJ335, p.63) R2 Cosman, Bard 84 Sep 2010
KJ338/66 Etchings based on THE JUNGLE BOOK Editor 84 Sep 2010
KJ339/06 Paddle-boat “534” Editorial 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/09 Kipling and the Royal Navy Wilson, Alastair 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/22 Floods and landslides in the North of the Indian sub-continent Editorial 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/23 The Kiplings and the Chancellors Editor 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/28 PLAIN TALES FRPM THE HILLS Death and Rebirth in Plain Tales from the Hills Xie, Qing 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/34 Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall (see KJ338, p.41) R1 Allen, Charles 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/35 Five Early Military Graves (c.1853-1888) in Abbottabad Tarin, Omer & Najmuddin, Sarkees 84 Dec 2010
KJ339/53 THE LIGHT THAT FAILED The Representation of Masculinity in The Light that Failed Ayoub, Zainab 84 Dec 2010
KJ340/06 Dr. F.A. Underwood Editorial 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/06 The Abbottabad Christian Cemetery (OCC) Editorial 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/06 The Alliance of Literary Societies Editorial 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/06 The Rudyard Kipling Society of Australia Editorial 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/07 Conference Notice: 21 – 22 October 2011 Editor 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/08 MRS BATHURST: Mrs Bathurst and Jack of ihe Straw Watts, Cedric 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/16 The “Cat” and the British Library Editorial 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/17 Vernet-Les-Bains and The Kiplings: 1910, 1911 and 1914 Duncan, Richard 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/33 Kipling and The Concept of ‘Proper Work’ Dillingham, William B. 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/43 Kipling’s Pseudonyms Pinney, Thomas 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/53 Book Review: Kitchener’s Lost Boys by John Oakes Smith, Michael 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/55 Kipling for the 21st Century Radcliffe, J. & Walker, J. 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/58 Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall (see KJ 338 & 9) R2 Chiswell Jones, Jonathan 85 Mar 2011
KJ340/59 The Bateman’s Navy Editor 85 Mar 2011
KJ341/03 ABSENT-MINDED DEGGAR The University of Bristol Study Day 2010 Editorial 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/03 LIGHT THAT FAILED, THE A new critical edition Editorial 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/03 Oak, Ash and Thorn Project, The CD Editorial 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/04 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Rudyard Kipling 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/05 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, Following Rudyard Kipling’s THE Lee, John 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/28 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Kipling’s Bully Pulpit: . . Victorian Music Hall Bailey, Peter 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/43 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE An Imperial Media Event Potter, Simon J. 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/56 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Kipling and Tommy Atkins in the South African War Spiers, Edward M. 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/67 Année Kipling – 2011: Vernet-Les-Bains 85 Apr 2011
KJ342/02 Our Independent Financial Examiner: Andrew Dodsworth Editor 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/04 Obituary: Dr F.A. Underwood, M.Sc., Ph.D. Editor 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/05 Kipling and Jane Austen: A Curious Match? Southam, Brian 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/18 Rudyard Kipling and Early Hollywood Brownlow, Kevin 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/40 Water for Naulakha:Rudyard Kipling’s Hot Air Engine Rowell, Brent 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/56 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2010. Statement 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/56 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2010 Keskar, S. 85 Jun 2011
KJ342/58 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 83, 2010. Minutes 85 Jun 2011
KJ343/06 Kipling and Bundi, Rajasthan Editorial 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/08 Annual Luncheon, 2011, including the Address by The Rt. Hon. Lord Cope of Berkely. With various introductions 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/22 Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, K.B., D.S.O., O.B.E.; Obituary Editorial 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/23 The John Slater Memorial Kipling Essay Prize 2011 Keskar, Sharad 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/24 Essay Prize: “Gunga Din”, “We and They”, and “If—” Lewis, Rachel 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/28 Essay Prize: “If—”, “Hymn of Breaking Strain”, and “The Thousandth Man” Bhatti, Muhammad Ibrahim 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/31 Essay Prize: “Danney Deever” and “Tommy” Greshan, Rasiah 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/34 An Active Acting Sub-Lieutenant Bilham, Chris 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/44 The Inspiration for “If—” Bertman, Stephen 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/52 The Elusive Mrs Hooper Pierce, Heidi 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/59 BITTERS NEAT Kipling, Rudyard 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/63 Book Review: Man and Mason – Rudyard Kipling by Richard Jaffa Editor 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/65 Book Review: Afterword edited by Dale Salwak Editor 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/67 Do you like Kipling? by Donald McGill Editor 85 Sep 2011
KJ343/68 Z. 54. R.A. C1 Ayers. Roger 85 Sep 2011
KJ344/04 Kipling Society change of President: Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, G.C.B., C.B.E., D.L. Keskar, Sharad 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/04 Kipling Society change of President: Lt Colonel Roger C. Ayers, O.B.E. Keskar, Sharad 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/07 MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, THE (WWW) The Native as “(An)other self”: Colonial Anxiety in: Banerjee, Dr Bidisha 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/21 FLIGHT OF FACT, A (L&ST) Marooned in the Maldives Burns, Ian 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/29 Kipling and the South African War: “A Dress Rehearsal for Armageddon” Atwood, Dr Rodney 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/50 CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH, THE (L&R) Pagan and Christian in: Coates, Dr John 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/67 Kipling’s Birth reported in The Times Editor 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/68 Al-Jiwan and Z. 54. R.A. C2 Tarin, Omer 85 Dec 2011
KJ344/68 Beinecke Rare Book Library: New Kipling Acquisitions Editor 85 Dec 2011
KJ345/06 Courier The Parish Magazine of Maker With Rame Editorial 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/06 Kipling Society: Honorary Secretary Required Editorial 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/06 The Abbottabad Old Christian Cemetery (OCC). Editorial 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/07 Arthur Ransume’s The Picts and the Martyrs: Translating Kipling’s “Regulus” Linglay, Janice M. 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/16 THAT LADY WHO RECITED Kipling’s Unexpected Rejection Pinney, Thomas 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/21 The British Library Newspaper Archive – On-Line Editorial 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/22 Kipling and the Rhodes Scholars Richards, David Alan 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/50 STALKY & CO. William & Co.Just William & The Outlaws and Stalky & Co. Purdy, Bryn 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/58 Book Review. The Cambridge Companion to Rudyard Kipling ed. By Howard Booth Editor 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/59 Book Review. Roberts and Kitchener in South Africa 1900-1902 by Rodney Atwood Editor 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/60 An Active Acting Sub-Lieutenant C1 KJ343 Wilson, Cdr A.J.W. 87 Mar 2012
KJ345/62 Kipling and Jane Austen: A Curious Match? C1 KJ342 Connell, Prof T.J. 87 Mar 2012
KJ346/06 Obituary: M. Max Rives Editorial 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/06 Slightly Foxed Quarterly Magazine No.33 Editorial 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/07 Characterisations Of Otherness: Physiognomic Practice In Kipling’s India Sprague, Trevor 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/21 Kipling, Yale, And The Watt Archive Richards, David Alan 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/25 The Kiplings In Abbottabad? A Brief Report Tarin, Omer 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/30 PYECROFT An Unforgettable Man: “Mrs Bathurst” Dillingham, William B. 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/56 Percy Aldridge Grainger C1 Mattinson, B.N. 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/57 Ransom and “Regulus” C1 KJ345 Wilson, Cdr A.J.W. 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/57 William & Co. C1 KJ345 Santa-Cruz, Mrs B. 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/58 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2011 Keskar, S. 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/60 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 84, 2011. Minutes 86 Jun 2012
KJ346/66 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2011. Statement 86 Jun 2012
KJ347/05 Annual Luncheon, 2012, including the Address by Mr David Marler. With various introductions 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/17 Kipling: Three Poems; Prize Essay Kim, Gee 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/20 In Three Dimensions, Prize Essay Parker, Bel 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/23 Kipling and The Athenaeum Protani, Jennie de 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/34 The Search for Kipling’s Past Kipling, Mike 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/43 Kipling: The Historical Context Heffer, Simon 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/55 Wilson, Alastair 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/57 Ransom and “Regulus” C2 KJ345 Brogan, Hugh 86 Sep 2012
KJ347/60 The Wreck of the Visigoth Kipling, Rudyard 86 Sep 2012
KJ348/06 Conference Papers, IES, 2011 Editorial 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/06 Kipling Books Available Editorial 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/06 Kipling Society, Change of Editor in 2013 Editorial 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/07 Kipling Society, Honorary Secretary Required Keskar, Jane 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/08 Kipling and Islam and Other World Religions Islam, Shamsul 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/16 Kipling – American Prophet Hutchins, Francis G. 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/23 RUSSIA The Bard of Imperialism Ishchenko, Natalia 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/31 Kipling and the Lesser Lights of American Literature Pinney, Thomas 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/39 Commemorative Plaques in Westward Ho! Editorial 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/40 Imperial and War Trauma in Kipling Wynne, Catherine 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/57 Visiting Fellowship in Kipling Studies Lewins, Jeffery 86 Dec 2012
KJ348/58 The Translations of Kipling’s “If—” into Armenian Hovhannisyan, Mariam 86 Dec 2012
KJ349/06 A Potential Resource (Delphi Classics) Editorial 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/06 Bateman’s Opening in 2013 Editorial 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/06 Rudyard Kipling: Life Love and Art by William B. Dillingham Editorial 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/06 Selected Verse: Rudyard Kipling (CRW Publishing) Editorial 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/08 But Now England Hath Taken Me! Xie, Qing 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/23 A Collection of Photographs (review) Kipling, Rudyard 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/25 LIGHT THAT FAILED.Three Dabs and Two Scratches Berrong, Richard M. 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/39 Fact into Fiction: Making a Novel out of Kipling Hamer, Mary 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/54 Wilson, Alastair 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/56 For One Night Only Kipling, Rudyard 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/57 Getting under the skin of the Other . . . If you can C1 KJ347 Bilham, Chris 87 Mar 2013
KJ349/58 Ransome and “Regulus” (letter) Lingley, Janice Lingley, Janice 87 Mar 2013
KJ350/06 Kipling Journal, The. Editor 8: David Page resigns Editorial 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/07 Obituary: J.W. Michael Smith Keskar, Sharad 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/08 MY SON’S WIFE (DOC); Cultural Change, Spiritual Healing and the Land in: Scragg, Andrew 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/23 Thanks to C.R.W. Publishing Ltd (see KJ349/6) Editorial 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/24 KIM; The Historical Significance of Autobiographical Elements in: Krikler, Jeremy 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/45 Mad Carew” or “The Green Eye of the Yellow God” Macfie, Alexander Lyon 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/54 Kipling Rock, Clackamas River, Oregon, USA Editor 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/55 JUST SO STORIES; review of a theatrical production Kyle, Michael 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/57 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2012 Ormond, Leonnee 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/59 Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 85, 2012. Minutes 87 Jun 2013
KJ350/65 Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2012. Statement 87 Jun 2013
KJ351/04 Annual Luncheon 2013. including the Address by Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts Introductions and thanks 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/06 The Kipling Journal, by the incoming Editor, Janet Montefiore Editorial 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/20 Naulakha After Kipling Kipling, Mike 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/37 Kipling’s Isle of Gramarye: what’s in a name? Lingley, Janice 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/59 Membership Notes Lambert, John 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/60 Book Review: Rudyard Kipling, Life Love and Art by William Dillingham Booth, Dr Howard J. 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/61 Book Review: Kipling and Trix, A Novel by Mary Hamer Montefiore, Janet 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/64 January to June 2013 Wilson, Alastair 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/66 Letter: “The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God” C. Maynard, R 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/66 Letter: Bringing Kipling’s name into lights C. Fenwick, Wendy 87 Sep 2013
KJ351/67 About the Kipling Society The Editor 87 Sep 2013
KJ352/06 News and notes Editorial 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/08 The T.A. Vocabulary, edited by Thomas Pinney with a glossary by Sharad Keskar Kipling, Rudyard 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/20 On Smells and Literature Justice. Jack 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/32 Empathy in Kipling’s Human and Animal stories Fischer, Norman 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/43 Membership Notes Lambert, John 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/44 John Slater Memorial Essays Bailey, Clementine; Foster, Laura; Cussons, Kathryn 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/55 Book Review: The Cambridge Edition of the Poems of Rudyard Kipling Ricketts, Harry 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/57 Book Review: Rudyard Kipling, 100 Poems Old and New The Editor 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/59 Letter: ‘The Jew Geissler’ C. Diamond, Bryan 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/60 Letter: ‘Kipling and Music’ C. Mattinson, Brian 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/60 Letter: ‘The Ovation’ C. Pinney, Thomas 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/60 Letter: ‘The Water-Mill at Bateman’s’ C. Wilmshurst, Alan 87 Dec 2013
KJ352/64 About the Kipling Society The Editor 87 Dec 2013
KJ353/07 Kipling in America Liardet, Guy 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/11 Visions of Modern Journalism in “The Village that Voted the earth was Flat”. Lonsdale, Sarah 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/21 The Kipling Scrapbook and the End of Empire Davies, Dominic 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/32 Lies and self-censorship in Kipling’s Indian stories Chemmacherry, Jaine 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/45 Guy Duncan Smith A photograph Burns, Ian 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/46 Coming to terms with trauma, and “In the Same Boat” Scragg, Andrew 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/61 Mailbase report Wilson, Alastair 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/62 Kipling and ‘The Friend’. (letter) Borcherds, Peter 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/62 Kipling and the Law. (letter) Driver, C.J. 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/63 Membership notes Lambert, John 88 Mar 2014
KJ353/64 About the Kipling Society The Editor 88 Mar 2014
KJ354/08 Obituaries of David Page Wilson, Alastair. and Montefiore, Jan 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/12 Kipling and the Queen Mary Medal Waterson, Harry 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/22 A Kipling sundial motto Valentine, Mark 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/25 Captains Courageous and Impressionism Berrong, Richard M 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/40 Membership notes 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/41 Review: Kipling’s Art of Fiction 1889-1901, by David Sergeant Peter Havholm 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/43 Review: In Times Eye. Essays on Rudyard Kipling, Ed. Jan Montefiore Lizzie Welby 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/47 Review: Kipling and the Sea. Ed. Andrew Lycett Guy Liardet 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/50 Report of the Trustees for 2013 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/52 Minutes of the Anhual General Meeting 2013 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/60 The Society’s Financial Statement 2013 88 Jun 2014
KJ354/64 About the Kipling Society John Lambert 88 Jun 2014
KJ355/02 Vermont Symposium Programme Editorial 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/04 The Vermont Symposium Editorial 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/07 What did the neighbours think ?: Kipling in America 1892-1896 Pinney, Thomas C. 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/14 A stranger of an unloved race: the American chapter of Something of Myself Karlin, Daniel 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/25 Vermont and Vermonters in Kpling’s Day Fish, Charles 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/44 Kipling’s ‘Certain Observations on the short story’ Richards, David Alan 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/58 Kipling’s American ‘berangements for the young Knoepflmacher, U.C. 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/75 24/7 in the USA: Kipling and .007 as ‘Engines that Could’ Plotz, Judith 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/92 Kipling and The Seven Seas Montefiore, Jan 88 Jul 2014
KJ355/109 Report from Naulakha Ayers, Roger 88 Jul 2014
KJ356/01 Notice of postponed 2014 AGM – no articles published Ormond, Leonee 88 Aug 2014
KJ357/07 Obituary, Lisa Lewis (1931-2014) Kemp, Sandra 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/09 Kipling in History (Annual luncheon address) Brogan, Hugh 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/20 A new home for the Library Walker, John 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/22 What profit to kill men ? Louttit, Erin Sep 2021
KJ357/30 Kipling, Theosophy and Babu Mukherji Huxley, Andrew 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/44 Trix, the other Kipling Fisher, Barbara 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/59 A case for ‘William the Conqueror’ Paffard. Mark 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/66 Kipling on a desert Island (John Slater Memorial Essay) Goldsbrough. Susannah 88 Sep 2014
KJ357/71 Kipling and ‘The Law” (letter) Sebag, Elisabeth 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/08 A choice of Kipling’s poetry, with commentary various 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/08 Arithmetic on the Frontier Hamer, Mary 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/10 Bridge Guard in the Karroo Raine, Craig 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/13 The Craftsman and The Coiner Karlin, Daniel 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/16 Divided Destinies Nagai, Kaori 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/19 Eddi’s Service Ricketts, Harry 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/21 Epitaphs of the War Minogue, Sally 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/23 Harp Song of the Dane Women Bubb, Alex 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/25 The Hyaenas Bailey, R V 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/27 If— Auden, W H 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/29 Mesopotamia Cockburn, Patrick 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/31 Normans and Saxons Hitchens, Peter 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/34 A Recantation Lee, John 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/36 A Song of Seven Cities Page, Bruce 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/39 The Way through the Woods Brogan, Hugh 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/42 An early Kipling poem Gardner, Chris 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/47 Rudyard Kipling and Mandalay Selth, Andrew 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/61 Thoughts on Kipling’s “Recessional” Davie, Donald 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/62 Mummy Whitehorn, Katharine 88 Sep 2014
KJ359/12 A poet’s diction: hard words in Kipling’s poems Pinney, Thonas 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/29 Jewish jokes in ‘The Treasure and the Law’ Karlin, Daniel 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/38 Let them publish and be damned’ Levin, Bernard 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/42 Trouble in Utopia’ Lawson, Peter 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/53 Haunted Subalterns’ Kipling, Rudyard 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/58 Book review: ‘The Surprising Mr Kipling: an anthology’, by Brian Harris Montefiore, Jan 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/60 Wilson, Alastair 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/62 Mark Paffard on ‘William the Conqueror’ (letter) Wilson, Alastair 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/63 The late Peter Hopkirk (letter) Tarin, Omer 89 Mar 2015
KJ359/63 The Parsee’s Tale’ (letter) McGivering, John 89 Mar 2015
KJ360/07 The Storm Cone’, Prophecy or Forecast Brown, Mark 89 Jun 2015
KJ360/18 The Mary Gloster’ Truth and Death Scragg, Andrew 89 Jun 2015
KJ360/34 Magical rural topographies. Kipling and Jefferies Lingley, Janice 89 Jun 2015
KJ360/62 Andrew Huxley on Kim – letter Mills, Helen 89 Jun 2015
KJ360/62 KIPLING AND God – letter Atwood, Rodney 89 Jun 2015
KJ361/22 The first day of the Battle of Loos Kipling, Rudyard 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/25 John Kipling’s pals Kipling, Mike 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/34 Strange meeting Harris, Brian 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/39 Minesweepers’: poems and painting Kipling, Rudyard & Jones, George Phillips 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/42 The Pity of war: Kipling’s first three ‘masonic’ stories Paffard,,Mark 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/52 THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH: Kipling’s verdict on the Great War ? Simmers, George 89 Sep 2015
KJ361/62 Rudyard Kipling; The New Army in Training Ayers, Roger (review) 89 Sep 2015
KJ362/09 My Christmas Caller Kipling, Rudyard 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/19 Obituary: Peter Hopkirk Lycett, Andrew 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/21 The Kipling Library Walker, John 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/22 Mapping the Secondary World Nazarenko, Mikhaylo 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/30 Kipling in Ukraine Dzhugastriyanska, Yuliya 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/36 Russian translations of Kipling Shapiro, Yan 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/44 Competition report Chernyshenko, V. 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/47 The Cadell Hoard Wilson, Alastair 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/60 Book Review: Rudyard Kipling’s Fiction, Mapping Psychic Spaces, by Lizzy Welby Hamer, Mary 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/61 Book Review: Rudyard Kipling oder die Wekt als Maskenball, by Christine M?ller-Scholle Hesse, Beatrix 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/63 Book Review: Sea Warfare, by Rudyard Kipling Liardet, Guy 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/65 Book Review: The Eyes of Asia, by Rudyard Kipling Hitchens, Peter 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/66 Bruce Bairnsfather (letter to the Editor) Holt, Tonie and Valmai 89 Dec 2015
KJ362/67 The Vampire (letter to the Editor) Turner, Andrew 89 Dec 2015
KJ363/08 The Cadell Hoard, Part II Wilson, Alastair 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/16 Concealed Signposts Asche, Austin 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/24 Deceit and Kindness in “A Bank Fraud” Coates, John 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/37 Two Versions of “If—” (1) “With the Usual Apologies” Ayers, Roger 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/38 Two Versions of “If—” (2) Maurice Bowra and the “If—” game Pinney, Thomas 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/39 Below the Mill Dam : black and brown rats Lingley, Janice 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/45 Historical material in “Brother Square-toes” Weygandt, Ann M 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/59 Book Review: “Kipling and War”, ed. Andrew Lycett Wilson, Alastair 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/60 Book Review: “Mourning and Mysticism in First World War Literature” by George M. Johnston Montefiore, Jan 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/60 Book Review: “The Jungle Book”, illustrated Montefiore, Jan 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/61 Book Review: “Rudyard Kipling Stories and Poems” ed. Daniel Karlin Montefiore, Jan 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/62 Book Review: “France at War” and “The War in the Mountains” (Uniform Classics) Booth, Howard J 90 Mar 2016
KJ363/66 The Mary Gloster (letter to the Editor) Wilson, Alastair 90 Mar 2016
KJ364/08 The Cadell Hoard Part III Wilson, Alastair (Ed.) 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/21 The Sutlej Bridge Kipling, Rudyard 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/30 Romance and Death in ‘Wireless’ Paffard, Mark 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/39 Merrow Down’ and Waldo Williams Duggan, M A K 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/61 Mapping the World’ (letter to the Editor) Lerner, Fred 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/62 Kipling’s Indian Adventure’, television documentary (letter to the Editor) Bowsher, Lorraine 90 Jun 2016
KJ364/63 Claude Montefiore and Kipling (letter to the Editor) Diamond, Bryan 90 Jun 2016
KJ365/09 Annual Luncheon 2016 The Editor 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/17 Simla Conference Report: Kipling in India, India in Kipling Montefiore, Jan 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/25 Plain Tales: the lady of the dedication Richards, David Alan 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/32 He hath sold his heart’: Kipling’s early journalism Lonsdale, Sarah 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/48 Rudyard Kipling and the Indian Corps Leenders, Karen 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/60 Mailbase Report Wilson, Alastair 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/62 Review: The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau, Disney Movies Walker, John 90 Sep 2016
KJ365/63 Book Review: The Two-sided Man, a selection of the poetry of Rudyard Kipling, Ed. Brian Harris The Editor 90 Sep 2016
KJ366/08 Kipling in Europe’ in Bologna: conference report Montefiore, Janet 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/09 Sir George Engle, Obituary Walker, John 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/10 The John Slater compeition: ‘Writing with Kipling’ Eyre, Angela 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/11 How the Baboon got his Bottom’ Guissous, Ismail 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/12 How the Frilled-Neck Lizard got his frill’ Jenson, Seb 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/15 Two Christmas Letters Kipling, Rudyard 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/21 Rudyard Kipling and the Sheridan Children Walker, John 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/25 Kipling’s “Just-So” partner: the dead child as collaborator and muse. Knoepflmacher, U.C. 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/49 Kipling and the uses of poetry Plotz, Judith 90 Dec 2016
KJ366/63 The Gaiety Theatre in Simla (letter) Mills, Helen 90 Dec 2016
KJ367/07 Lockwood Kipling at the V&A Montefiore, Janet 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/08 The Provost of Oriel and other puzzles of the Holloways’ Kipling. Mike 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/25 R.B.S.’ a poem, with an introduction by John Walker Kipling, Rudyard 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/28 Where did he live? ‘ Pinney, Thomas 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/34 What Rudyard Kipling can do for you ‘ Ricketts, Harry 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/47 Natural Theology’ with comments by the Editor Kipling, Rudyard 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/50 Violence and Politics in “The Tree of Justice” Paffard, Mark 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/60 Rudyrd Kipling’s Letters to his agents, 1889-1899′ Ed. Pinney. Review Lycett, Andrew 91 Mar 2017
KJ367/62 Mailbase Report Wilson, Alastair 91 Mar 2017
KJ368/09 Obituary: Michael Brock and Peter Lewis Walker, John 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/10 John Lockwood Kipling events: reports Montefiore, Janet 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/13 Rudyard Kipling and the Mind McAllister, Ruth 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/28 Dayspring Mishandled: Kipling and the psychology of revenge Scragg, Andrew 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/42 What makes Kipling a great writer Hitchens, Peter 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/46 Burma, Kipling, and Western music: the riff from Mandalay, by Andrew Seith. Review Montefiore, Janet 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/61 The Lockwood Kipling plates (letter) Diamond, Bryan 91 Jun 2017
KJ368/62 Dayspring Mishandled, some questions (letter) Simmers, George 91 Jun 2017
KJ369/02 Kipling and Europe: conference programme Montefiore, Janet 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/03 Old England and Europe in the “Puck” stories Montefiore, Janet 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/17 Kipling and the Great War propagandists Richards, David Alan 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/23 Conflating points of view in The Eyes of Asia Raimbault. Elodie 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/29 Heroism and Atrocity in The Bull that Thought Ageishi, Mikako 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/36 The London Club Bann, Stephen 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/44 Philosophical pessimism in The Light that Failed Paskins, Susie 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/57 An Intoxicating Spark: Kipling, Jensen, and Vitalist Modernism Brogger, Inger K 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/64 Kipling and Gramsci Turci, Monica 91 Jul 2017
KJ369/79 Kipling and Europe, some actions and reactions Ricketts, Harry 91 Jul 2017
KJ370/14 John Slater Competition report Eyre, Angela 92 Sep 2017
KJ370/15 How the Tortoise got its Shell Ghosh, Mainak 93 Sep 2017
KJ370/17 Kipling and Wine, Part I Pinney, Thomas 94 Sep 2017
KJ370/29 The Treasure, the Law, and the Prophet Page, Bruce 95 Sep 2017
KJ370/40 Heroes of Westward Ho! Atwood, Rodney 96 Sep 2017
KJ370/56 Meeting without knowing it, Kipling and Yeats, by Alexander Bubb: review Eyre, Angela 97 Sep 2017
KJ370/57 The London Jungle Book by Bhajju Shyam: review Montefiore, Jan 98 Sep 2017
KJ370/61 Kipling and Freud: letter to the Editor Pinney, Thomas 99 Sep 2017
KJ370/62 Dayspring Mishandled conundrum: letter to the Editor Cowan, Alan 101 Sep 2017
KJ370/62 Kipling could count to Four: letter to the Editor Holberton, Philip 100 Sep 2017
KJ370/63 Dayspring Mishandled: letter to the Editor Brogan, Hugh 102 Sep 2017
KJ370/63 Where did Kipling live?: letter to the Editor Beck, Ray 103 Sep 2017
KJ371/07 Somehow – ‘A Diversity of Kipling’ Walker, John 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/09 After Crom, The Kiplings and the Price family Bowsher, Lorraine 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/24 An illustrated family letter, by Edward and Georgie Burne-Jones to Mike Lacey Burne-Jones, Edward and Georgie 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/29 From Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Motor Tours’ Pinney, Thomas 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/46 Who really was Flo Garrard ? Kipling, Mike 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/62 The Kipling Society in Australia: letter to the Editor Watts, David 91 Dec 2017
KJ371/63 Kipling and the Jews: letter to the Editor Diamond, Bryan 91 Dec 2017
KJ372/07 Is Mrs Bathurst Black ? Paffard, Mark 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/18 Kipling’s uncollected journalism (1) Proclamation Day in Lahore Pinney, Thomas C (Ed.) 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/28 Motoring Magic and Autobiography in ‘They’ Lingley, Janice 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/39 After Crom Part II, 1919-1966 Nowsher, Lorraine 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/49 Kipling and Wine Part II, Fiction Pinney, Thomas C 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/58 Kipling at Vernet les Bains Wilson, Alastair (Ed,) 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/61 Mailbase report Wilson, Alastair 92 Mar 2018
KJ372/62 The Disturber of Traffic (letter) Lingley, Janice 92 Mar 2018
KJ373/04 John Lockwood Kipling: Changing Worlds, Conference report Kemp, Sandra, and Bubb, Alex 92 May 2018
KJ373/07 John Lockwood Kipling, Ram Singh and the Mayo School of Arts Tarar, Nadeem Omar 92 May 2018
KJ373/23 The verbal vernacular, Lockwood Kipling as curator of folklore and folk idiom Bubb, Alex 92 May 2018
KJ373/31 Of Beasts and Gods in India. “Beast and Man”, and “The Bridge-builders” Trivedi, Harish 92 May 2018
KJ373/46 Lockwood Kipling and America Benfey, Christopher 92 May 2018
KJ373/56 Two news reports from Lahore Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Pinney, Thomas 92 May 2018
KJ373/59 John Lockwood Kipling, Arts and Crafts in the Punjab, Ed. Julius Bryant and Susan Weber: review Turci, Monica 92 May 2018
KJ373/64 Collecting The Railway Library Diamond, Bryan 92 May 2018
KJ374/08 Language and Understanding in “Thy Servant a Dog” Karlin, Daniel 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/20 Kipling’s uncollected journalism (2) The Rawaloindi Camp and the City of Two Creeds Pinney, Thomas C (Ed.) 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/33 Some Buddhist thoughts in “Kim” Paskins, Susie 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/46 The Mysterious Mr Jacob, Diamond Merchant, Magician, and Spy, by John Zubrzycki Montefiore, Jan (review) 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/62 Kipling in The Doll’s House (letter) Holberton, Philip 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/62 Mr Price’s pistol (letter) Allen, Charles 92 Jun 2018
KJ374/63 If– and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (letter) Mugleston, Charles 92 Jun 2018
KJ375/11 Rudyard Kipling and the Indian troops in the Great War Allen, Charles 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/24 The John Slater Competition. Writing with Kipling, 2018 Hamer, Mary 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/25 How the Arctic Fox got its Changing Fur Eyre, Alice 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/27 Nothing except England. Kipling and the idea of the poacher Ridgwell, Stephen 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/42 The Naulahka: locality in colonial Rajasthan and the American South-West Saint, Chetan 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/53 Drink at the Railway Theatre (No1) Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/53 Rudyard Kipling’s uncollected journalism, part 3 Kipling, Rudyard (Ed. Pinney) 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/55 Ouida’s Princess Napraxine (No2) Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/55 Tommy Atkins and Flies (No3) Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/57 The Simla Natural History Society (No4) Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/64 The Rudyard Kipling Mailbase Wilson, Alastair 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/66 Buddha at Kamakura (letter) Holberton, Philip 92 Sep 2018
KJ375/66 Edward Price and the Calcutta Light Horse (letter) Heathcote, Tony 92 Sep 2018
KJ376/08 Three Christmas poems Kipling, Rudyard 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/12 Holmes, Doyle, Kipling, and Rhodes Richards, David Alan 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/28 Sir Pompey Bedell, an untold story Montefiore, Jan 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/40 Kipling’s uncollected journalism, part 4: East and West Kipling, Rudyard: (Ed. Pinney) 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/49 Kipling and a very strange fish Alder, Garrick, and others 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/54 Further notes on Mowgli Kipling, Rudyard (Ed. Pinney) 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/57 Review: A Soldier’s Kipling, poetry and the profession of arms, by Erickson, Edward . Atwood, Rodney 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/59 Review: The Kipling File, by Kakar, Sudhir . Hamer, Mary 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/60 Review: The passionate imperialists, by O’Grady, Rory Montefiore, Jan 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/61 Kipling and Edward Fitzgerald (letter to the Editor) Lerner, Fred 92 Dec 2018
KJ376/62 Was Kipling really a ‘bounder’ (letter to the Editor) Wilson, Alastair 92 Dec 2018
KJ377/07 The Wish House and the working class Paffard, Mark 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/17 Kipling’s uncollected journalism (5) ‘Ladies’ Cricket Match at Lahore’ Kipling, Rudyard (Ed. Pinney) 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/24 Singing Magic: women singers in Kipling’s fiction Montefiore, Janet 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/40 Kipling at the Sorbonne, 1921 Parsons, Rosamond 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/47 Mrs Bathurst and the Three Beers Nerwinski, Luc 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/59 Mailbase Report Wilson, Alastair 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/61 Fairy Kist and A E Housman (letter) Simmers, George 93 Mar 2019
KJ377/61 Kipling, the Armistice, and Recessional (letter) Brogan, Hugh 93 Mar 2019
KJ378/06 Aunt Ellen: ascent into chaos Anders, John 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/18 Kipling’s Uncollected Journalism, part 6 Kipling, Rudyard (Ed. Pinney 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/22 A new Kipling letter Kipling, Rudyard 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/27 Kipling in Vietnam: John Huston and “The Man who Would be King” Kao, Vivian 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/41 The Cause of Humanity and Other Stories, Ed. Pinney. Review Lycett, Andrew 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/43 Mowgli, the Netflix film. Review Kipling, Mike 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/46 Sir Pompey Bedell in the East (letter) Wilson, Alastair 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/46 The Native Born (letter) Holberton, Philip 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/47 Sir Pompey Bedell in the East (letter) Heathcote, T.A. 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/49 AGM 2018 Minutes Machin, Simon 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/61 Accounts 2018 Wilson, Alastair 93 Jun 2019
KJ379/06 Margaret Newsom Obituary Walker, John 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/07 Maritime Animals. Conference report Nagai, Kaori 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/10 Rudyard Kipling and Robert Browning. Annual Luncheon 2019 Karlin, Daniel 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/24 Kipling’s Uncollected Journalism, part 7 Kipling, Rudyard (Ed. Pinney) 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/41 Membership notes Renshaw, Fiona 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/42 From irony to empathy, the making of Purun Baghat Rogers, William N 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/54 Letters between Kipling and Lord Lugard Haig, Robin 93 Sep 2019
KJ379/58 Rudyard Kipling, The Dykes Montefiore, Jan 93 Sep 2019
KJ380/07 John Slater Competition Report Hamer, Mary 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/10 Hugh Brogan Obituary Montefiore, Jan 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/13 Kipling’s uncollected journalism, part 8 Kipling, Rudyard: (Ed. Pinney) 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/22 La Nuit Blanche Kipling, Rudyard 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/25 Childhood memories of Rudyard Kipling Fleming, Alice (Ed. Lingley, Janice) 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/43 Kipling and the Black Art of Journalism Radcliffe, John 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/55 Captains Courageous Waters, Michael 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/57 Mailbase report Wilson, Alastair 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/59 On Greenhow Hill, a family connection (letter to the Editor) Baker, Sheila Learoyd 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/60 Rudyard Kipling and Rabindranath Tagore (letter to the Editor) Allen, Charles 93 Dec 2019
KJ380/61 Mrs Bathurst again (letter to the Editor) Turner, Andrew 93 Dec 2019
KJ381/06 John McGivering Obituary Sheehan, Gillian, and Radcliffe, John 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/08 Jeffery Lewins Obituary Keskar, Sharad 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/10 More childhood memories of Rudyard Kipling Fleming, Alice (Ed. Lingley, Janice) 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/26 Sister of the more famous Rud Ricketts, Harry 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/39 The man who would horsewhip Kipling Maidment, Richard 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/55 A Study of the Congress Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Maidment, Richard 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/63 Rudyard Kipling, a secret life. Review Wilson, Alastair 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/64 If: The Untold Story of Kipling’s American Years, Christopher Benfey. Review Montefiore, Janet 94 Mar 2020
KJ381/66 India, Empire, and First World War Culture, Santana Das. Review Booth, Howard 94 Mar 2020
KJ382/06 Pity and Imagination in late Kipling Stories Paffard, Mark 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/20 Punchlines in “Pink Dominoes” Lotze, Nathaniel 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/27 Something of Themselves Lefanu, Sarah 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/39 The Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling Part 9 Pinney, Thomas 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/48 Mailbase Report Wilson Alastair 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/50 General Sir Thomas Holloway (letter) Lingley, Janice 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/50 La Nuit Blanche (letter to the Editor) Holberton, Philip 94 Jun 2020
KJ382/52 The rank of Midshipman (letter to the Editor) Wilson, Alastair 94 Jun 2020
KJ383/07 Kipling’s Holy Men Paffard, Mark 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/18 Rudyard Kipling and Religion Selected Poems (1) 1886-1895 Kipling, Rudyard 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/23 The Judgement of Dungara Accounting for cultural intelligence Murtuza, Athar 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/37 Rudyard Kipling and Religion Selected Poems (2) 1904-1919 Kipling, Rudyard 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/43 Rudyard Kipling and Religion The stories, selected by Janet Montefiore Kipling, Rudyard 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/57 Rudyard Kipling and Religion Selected Poems (3) 1920-1934 Kipling, Rudyard 94 Sep 2020
KJ383/61 The fiction and poetry of Juliana Ewing, by William Dillingham, Review Montefiore, Janet 94 Sep 2020
KJ384/06 Charles Allen Obituary Trivedi, Harish 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/09 John Coates Obituary Montefiore, Janet 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/10 An Important Discovery Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Radcliffe, John 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/13 Kipling in India Robinson, Kay, Ed. Holberton, Philip 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/25 Playing The Man who Was Ridgwell, Stephen 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/45 Rudyard Kipling and the Roosevelts Richards, David Alan 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/54 Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling, part 10 Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Pinney, Thomas 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/59 Something of Themselves, by Sarah LeFanu, Review Maidment, Richard 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/62 The Loughton Idyll, by Janice Lingley, Review Kipling, Mike 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/64 Mailbase Report Wilson, Alastair 94 Dec 2020
KJ384/66 Kipling, Rhodes and South Africa, Letter to the Editor Parsons, Jonathan 94 Dec 2020
KJ385/06 Kipling and the Swastika Richards, David Alan 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/22 The Light that Failed and Beauty and the Beast Lingley, Janice 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/37 The Young Kipling Hill, Edmonia, Ed. Holberton, Philip 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/52 Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling, part 11 Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Pinney, Thomas 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/64 Tu sera un homme, mon fils (You’ll be a man, my son) by Pierre Assouline, Review Montefiore, Janet 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/66 Kay Robinson and Kipling, Letter to the Editor Richards, David Alan 95 Mar 2021
KJ385/66 Roger Ayers and the Kipling Society, Letter to the Editor Walker, John 95 Mar 2021
KJ386/06 Obituary of Philip Holberton Walker, John and Radcliffe, John 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/07 Two Letters to Mary Hallock Foote Kipling, Rudyard and Carrie, Ed. Wagner, Kevin 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/15 The Kiplings and their bookplates Richards, David Alan 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/37 Quoting Rudyard Kipling in the Army Wozney, Christine 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/44 Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling, Part 12 Kipling, Rudyard, Ed.Pinney, Thomas 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/48 Mailbase Report Wilson, Alastair 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/50 Our Fathers Lied: Letter to the Editor 1 Atwood, Rodney 95 Jun 2021
KJ386/50 Our Fathers Lied: Letter to the Editor 2 Richards, David Alan 95 Jun 2021
KJ387/05 John McGivering Poetry Competition Montefiore, Jan Sep 2021
KJ387/10 Kipling Studies in the 21st Century McBratney, John Sep 2021
KJ387/20 Stephen Crane and The Light that Failed Scragg, Andrew Sep 2021
KJ387/36 Writ in Barricks: Edgar Wallace and Rudyard Kipling Maidment, Richard Sep 2021
KJ387/47 Membership notes Renshaw, Fiona Sep 2021
KJ387/49 The Composition of ‘Our Lady of the Snows’ Richards, David Alan 95 Sep 2021
KJ387/60 The Kipling children and ‘Students’ Tickets’ Lingley, Janice Sep 2021
KJ387/64 Imperial Beast Fables, by Kaori Nagai (review) Bubb, Alex Sep 2021
KJ387/66 How the ‘Just So Stories’ were made, by John Batchelor (review) Walker, John Sep 2021
KJ388/07 The finest story about India in English (1957) Choudhuri, Nirad C. Dec 2021
KJ388/18 An Afterword to Choudhuri’s essay on Kim Trivedi, Harish Dec 2021
KJ388/22 The Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling – Part 13 Pinney, Thomas Dec 2021
KJ388/31 Border crossings in Kipling’s early Indian narratives Grover, Madhu Dec 2021
KJ388/45 Study of a collection, in Indian ink Vaughan-Spruce, Rufus Dec 2021
KJ388/59 An 1888 review of Departmental Ditties by W.W.Hunter Holberton, Philip Dec 2021
KJ388/63 Review of Kipling in India, India in Kipling, ed. Trivedi and Montefiore Booth, Howard Dec 2021
KJ388/65 Review of Kipling the Trickster, by John Coates Scragg, Andrew Dec 2021
KJ389/06 How the writer found his voice: Kipling, “The Just So Stories”, and “Kim” Shaw, Sarah 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/20 Kipling’s Kim, the Great Game and Real Spies – part 1 Richards, David Alan 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/34 Kipling’s ‘A Study of Congress’ and the anti-Congress campaign Nikitin, Dmitri 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/40 Teaching English in Norway Seriot, John 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/52 The Burwash Rifle Club Howell, Richard 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/57 Le Géomètre et le vagabond by Elodie Raimbault, Review Karlin, Daniel 96 Mar 2022
KJ389/63 Review of ‘Tu sera un homme’, letter to the Editor Seriot, John 95 Mar 2022
KJ390/02 Kipling in the News : Conference Report Sarah Lonsdale and Dominic Davies May 2022
KJ390/06 Run and find out : Rudyard Kipling as a junior reporter Jan Montefiore May 2022
KJ390/21 Opium Empire and the Orient Vinita Dhondiya Bhattnagar May 2022
KJ390/34 Kipling and the Native Press Harish Trivedi May 2022
KJ390/45 Tell it as a lie: Fiction and Journalism in Many Inventions Elodie Raimbault May 2022
KJ390/54 Kipling and ‘The Friend’: Boers, Badges, and Bibliographers David Alan Richards 96 May 2022
KJ390/63 Rudyard Kipling: The Press and Empire Aaron Ackerley May 2022
KJ390/84 Feminist responses to Kipling’s ‘If–‘ Sarah Lonsdale May 2022
KJ391/06 Field Marshall Sir John Chapple, Obituary John Walker 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/07 Bruce Page, Obituary Janet Montefiore 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/08 The King’s Ankus and the Jatakas Sarah Shaw 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/17 Kipling’s Kim, the Great Game and Real Spies – part 2 David Alan Richards 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/33 The Debt, the Mayo assassination, and War Graves Janet Montefiore 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/47 Burning Boy, the life and work of Stephen Crane, review Andrew Scragg 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/49 Mailbase report Alastair Wilson 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/50 Kipling Society Accounts 2021 96 Jun 2022
KJ391/51 AGM 2021 Minutes 96 Jun 2022
KJ392/05 Editorial Sep 2022
KJ392/06 Obituary of Sir John Chapple Keska, Sharad 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/09 A Biography from Trix Hamer, Mary 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/21 R. K. 1865–1936 Karlin, Daniel 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/22 A St Helena’s Lullaby Richards, David Alan 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/23 Kipling’s copy of A Shropshire Lad Hart, Linda 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/37 Membership Notes 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/38 The Churel! The Churel! : Who is Haunting Kim? Louttit, Erin 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/44 What The ‘Winged Hat’ Amal Did Lingley, Janice 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/54 Kipling’s Souvenirs of France Part I Radcliffe, John 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/58 Kiplings Past Revisited Kipling, Mike 96 Sep 2022
KJ393/06 Beast and Man in India Quinn, Catherine 96 Dec 2022
KJ393/21 John McGivering Prize 2022 Report and winning entries Wade, Steve; Shaw, Satterday; Seymour, Mary; Carpenter, Evelyn C. 96 Dec 2022
KJ393/41 Membership Notes 96 Jan 2023
KJ393/42 Snaffles and Kipling Wilson, Alastair 96 Dec 2022
KJ393/54 Kipling’s Souvenirs of France Part II Radcliffe, John 96 Jan 2023
KJ393/58 Kipling’s Animals: a Selection Montefiore, Janet 96 Dec 2022
KJ394/06 Sleeping back into Terrified Childhood: Rudyard Kipling and Trauma Harry Ricketts 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/22 Bateman’s Estate Richard Howell 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/31 To the small one: Kipling’s letters to Howard Phillips John Walker 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/37 Membership Notes 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/38 Kipling’s Gentlemen’s Clubs David Alan Richards 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/56 The Amber Toad: Stephen Wheeler’s Review of Departmental Ditties Richard Maidment 97 Mar 2023
KJ394/64 Kipling’s France at War John Radcliffe 97 Mar 2023
KJ395/05 Editorial Montefiore, Janet 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/06 Sharad Keskar 1932-2022 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/08 Keats, Kipling’s ‘Wireless’ and the ‘Unfortunate Dead Poets’ of Antebellum America Louttit, Erin 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/24 Membership Notes 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/25 Gisborne of the Woods and Forests Lingley, Janice 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/39 The Other ‘Man Who Could Write’: Stephen Wheeler Vaughan-Spruce, Rufus 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/52 Letters to the Editor Judson, Judith and Lingley, Janice 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/54 Kipling Society Annual General Meeting 2022 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/61 Kipling Society Accounts 2022 97 Jun 2023
KJ395/64 About the Kipling Society 97 Jun 2023
KJ396/05 Editorial and News Montefiore, Janet 396 Sep 2023
KJ396/06 Obituaries: Peter Keating, Sharad Keskar Montefiore, Janet; Radcliffe, John; Keskar, Jane 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/10 John McGivering Poetry Competition 2023 Report and Winning Poems Montefiore, Janet 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/14 Kipling and the Reception of George V’s Speech at Terlincthun [KIPLING AND THE PUBLIC RECEPTION OF KING GEORGE V’S PILGRIMAGES TO THE WAR GRAVES] Kreuzer, Christopher 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/36 The Grave of John Kipling Kipling, Mike 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/42 Membership Notes Renshaw, Fiona 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/43 The Mutiny of the Mavericks: Ireland and India Scragg, Andrew 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/55 Mary Postgate and the People’s War Simmers, George 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/66 Kipling’s Poetry of War: Extracts Montefiore, Janet 97 Sep 2023
KJ396/72 About the Kipling Society 97 Sep 2023
KJ397/05 Editorial Montefiore, Janet 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/06 Comment Traduire ‘Schloop’? Karlin, Daniel 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/18 Rudyard Kipling’s Motoring Diaries (March 1925) Wilson, Alastair; Radcliffe, John 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/23 Kipling as Tragedian: ‘Mrs Bathurst’ and Aristotle Plowden, Geoffrey 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/31 Membership Notes 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/32 The Prayer that the Cavemen Prayed: Kipling’s Hostess Present Richards, David Alan 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/49 On Kipling’s Trail in Rajasthan Ricketts, Harry 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/66 Letters to the Editor Keskar, Jane; Lingley, Janice 98 Jan 2024
KJ397/68 About the Kipling Society 98 Jan 2024
KJ398/05 Editorial Montefiore, Janet 98 May 2024
KJ398/06 Bateman’s at War Howell, Richard 98 May 2024
KJ398/16 Kipling, Heath Robinson and ‘The Dead King’ Montefiore, Janet 98 May 2024
KJ398/21 Just So Horrors Gorodetsky, Shusha 98 May 2024
KJ398/29 Membership Notes 98 May 2024
KJ398/30 Desi Names in Four Kipling Stories Murtuza, Athar 98 May 2024
KJ398/42 Cupid’s Arrows and the Fair Toxophilites Connell, Tim 98 May 2024
KJ398/46 Book Reviews Scragg, Andrew 98 May 2024
KJ398/53 Annual General Meeting 2023 98 May 2024
KJ398/61 Kipling Society Accounts 2023 98 May 2024
KJ398/64 About the Kipling Society 98 May 2024
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