Kipling Journal: KJ366

Published: Dec 2016

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8Kipling in Europe’ in Bologna: conference reportMontefiore, Janet
9Sir George Engle, ObituaryWalker, John
10The John Slater compeition: ‘Writing with Kipling’Eyre, Angela
11How the Baboon got his Bottom’Guissous, Ismail
12How the Frilled-Neck Lizard got his frill’Jenson, Seb
15Two Christmas LettersKipling, Rudyard
21Rudyard Kipling and the Sheridan ChildrenWalker, John
25Kipling’s “Just-So” partner: the dead child as collaborator and muse.Knoepflmacher, U.C.
49Kipling and the uses of poetryPlotz, Judith
63The Gaiety Theatre in Simla (letter)Mills, Helen

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