Kipling Journal: KJ348

Published: Dec 2012

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6Conference Papers, IES, 2011Editorial
6Kipling Books AvailableEditorial
6Kipling Society, Change of Editor in 2013Editorial
7Kipling Society, Honorary Secretary RequiredKeskar, Jane
8Kipling and Islam and Other World ReligionsIslam, Shamsul
16Kipling – American ProphetHutchins, Francis G.
23RUSSIA The Bard of ImperialismIshchenko, Natalia
31Kipling and the Lesser Lights of American LiteraturePinney, Thomas
39Commemorative Plaques in Westward Ho!Editorial
40Imperial and War Trauma in KiplingWynne, Catherine
57Visiting Fellowship in Kipling StudiesLewins, Jeffery
58The Translations of Kipling’s “If—” into ArmenianHovhannisyan, Mariam

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