Songs from Books III

Some Further Songs from Books 1916-17


The poems are listed by first line.  Click here for a listing by title, and here by the collections in which they appear.

Title Article/Story First line Notes
A Song in Storm The Fringes of the Fleet Be well assured that on our side
Jobson’s Amen In the Presence Blessed be the English and all their ways and works.
Minesweepers The Fringes of the Fleet Dawn off the Foreland – the young flood making
Harwich Ladies The Fringes of the Fleet Farewell and adieu to you, Harwich Ladies,
The Song of Seven Cities The Vortex I was Lord of Cities very sumptuously builded.
Rebirth The Edge of the Evening Ifany God should say,
The Lowestoft Boat The Fringes of the Fleet In Lowestoft a boat was laid
The Beginnings Mary Postgate It was not part of their blood,
The Verdicts Destroyers at Jutland Not in the thick of the fight
The Legend of Mirth The Horse Marines The four Archangels, so the legends tell,
The Floods My Son’s Wife The rain it rains without a stay
Tin Fish The Fringes of the Fleet The ships destroy us above
The Press The Village that Voted the Earth was Flat The Soldier may forget his Sword,
A Translation Regulus There are whose study is of smells,
Helen all Alone In the Same Boat There was darkness under Heaven
The Children The Honours of War These were our children who died
The Trade Tales of “The Trade” They bear, in place of classic names
The Comforters The Dog Hervey Until thy feet have trod the Road
The Fabulists My Son’s Wife When all the world would keep a matter hid,
The Land Friendly Brook When Julius Fabricius, Sub-Prefect of the Weald,
The North Sea Patrol The Fringes of the Fleet When the East wind is brewed fresh and fresh every morning
MacDonough’s Song As Easy as ABC Whether the State can loose and bind >