The Verdicts

NOT in the thick of the fight, 
  Not in the press of the odds, 
Do the heroes come to their height, 
  Or we know the demi-gods.  

That stands over till peace. 
  We can only perceive 
Men returned from the seas, 
  Very grateful for leave.  

They grant us sudden days 
  Snatched from their business of war; 
But we are too close to appraise 
  What manner of men they are.  

And, whether their names go down 
  With age-kept victories, 
Or whether they battle and drown 
  Unreckoned, is hid from our eyes.  

They are too near to be great, 
  But our children shall understand 
When and how our fate 
  Was changed, and by whose hand.  

Our children shall measure their worth. 
  We are content to be blind . . . 
But we know that we walk on a new-born earth 
  With the saviours of mankind.

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