The Runes on Weland’s Sword

(notes by Philp Holberton)


Published with “Old Men at Pevensey” in Puck of Pook’s Hill (1906).and in later editions of that collection. Collecyedf also in Songs from Books (1912) and in the later verse collections.

The poem

The poem traces the link between the successive stories of the Normans in England from “Weland’s Sword” through to “The Treasure and the Law”.

Notes on the Text

[Verse 1] This refers to “Young Men at the Manor”.

[Verses 2 and 3] This refers to “The Knights of the Joyous Venture”.

[Verses 4 to 9] These refer to “The Treasure and the Law”, the last story in this book.

[Verses 3 and 9 line 3] The Thing: The rule of Parliament and Law. The Parliament of Iceland has been known as the Althing for over 1000 years.


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