Historical Poems

The poems are listed in alphabetical order of first line; click here for a listing by title.

First line Title Notes
At Runnymede, at Runnymede The Reeds of Runnymede
At two o’clock in the morning, if you open your window and listen The Dawn Wind
England’s on the anvil – hear the hammers ring The Anvil (The Making of England)
Gay go up and gay go down The Bells abd Queen Victoria
If wars were won by feasting The Dutch in the Medway
In the days of lace-ruffles, perukes and brocade ‘Brown Bess’
It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation Danegeld
Legate, I had the news last night – my cohort ordered home The Roman Centurion.s Song
‘My son,’ said the Norman Baron, ‘I am dying, and you will be heir Norman and Saxon
Naked and grey the Cotswolds stand Edgehill Fight (The Civil Wars)
‘Oh, where are you going to, all you Big Steamers Big Steamers
Once on a time was a King anxious to understand The King’s Job
Our England is a garden that is full of stately views The Glory of the Garden
South and far south below the Line With Drake in the Tropics
The boats of Newhaven and Folkestone and Dover The French Wars
The child of Mary Queen of Scots King James I
There are four good legs to my Father’s Chair My Father’s Chair
‘Twas not while England’s sword unsheathed The American Rebellion
Twenty bridges from Tower to Kew The River’s Tale
We were taken from the ore-bed and the mine The Secret of the Machines
When Horse and Rider each can trust the other every-where ‘Together’
When Rome was rotten-ripe to her fall The Pirates in England