Booklist – Freemasonry

Bateson, Bro. Dr. VaughanMasonry and Magic of Frater Rudyard Kipling The Masonic RecordLondon 1924

Bateson, Dr. VaughanKipling and the DoctorsBMABradford1929
Privately printed copy of lecture given to the Bradford Division of the British Medical Association.
Bateson, Bro. Dr. VaughanMasonry and Magic of Bro. Rudyard Kipling The Masonic RecordLondon 1923
Article contained in November & Decmber 1923 and January 1924 issues.
Batten, Bro. E.J.Rudyard Kipling - His Contribution to Freemasonry
Paper given to The Lodge of Research, No. 218, Melbourne, Australia. Pamphlet.
Batten, Bro. E.J.Rudyard Kipling - His Contribution to FreemasonryGrand Lodge BulletinCedar Rapids1959
Australian lecture reprinted in the April and June issues of the Grand Lodge of Iowa Bulletin.
Bazley, Bazil M.Rudyard Kipling as a Mason Freemasons MagazineLondon 1953
Article by prominent member of the Society reprinted in Nos. 678 and 679.
Carlson, Bro. J.V.Rudyard Kipling

Lecture given by the Secretary of the Melbourne Branch of the Kipling Society. Carlson also wrote for The Kipling Journal. Pamphlet.
Carr, Bro. HarryKipling and the CraftTransactions of Masonic Research Lodge Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
Article in issue No.2076.
Entwistle, Bro. JosephKipling and FreemasonryThe FreemasonLondon 1932
Article in issue of 16th.April 1932.
Hills, Bro. S.M.Craft Marks of Departed Merit: Some Masonic Aspects of Bro. Rudyard Kipling.The Masonic RecordLondon 1936
Obituary in February issues. Makes the erroneous suggestion that Bateson was Kipling's physician.
Kipling & GauchetDans l'Intérêt des Frères - Nouvelle MaçonniqueEditions DervyParis2000
Translation of 'In the Interest of the Brethren' by Pierre Gauchet with a great deal of background material about the history of Freemasonry and Kipling's long association with the Craft. Illustrated by 'Janbrun' (Jean Brunier). Softback. See also (SS10).
Ragache, Jean-RobertRudyard Kipling ou la jungle initiatiqueLa Chaine d'UnionParis1992
Article in French Masonic journal.
Rippon, C. WaltonRudyard Kipling and Freemasonry
Presidential address given to the Merseyside Association for Masonic Research.
Williamson, H.S.Masonic References in the Works of Rudyard KiplingThe Kipling JournalLondon 1934
September issue of Journal bound with some letters.