Booklist – India

Allen, CharlesKipling's KingdomMichael Joseph

Allen, CharlesKipling SahibLittle, BrownLondon2007
India and the Making of Rudyard Kipling
Bennett, MaryThe Ilberts in IndiaBACSAPutney1995
BACSA is Brit. Assoc. for Cemeteries in South Asia. Author is daughter of H.A.L.Fisher and an Ilbert on her mother's side.
Cornell, Louis LKipling in IndiaMacmillanLondon1966

Hagiioannu, AndrewThe Man who Would be KiplingPalgrave MacmillanLondon2003
The Colonial Fiction and the Frontiers of Exile
Hunter, Sir William W.The Thackerays in India & Some Calcutta GravesHenry Frowde (OUP)London1897
First edition.
Kipling, J LockwoodBeast and Man in India
London1892 second edition
A prime source for details of Indian animals
MacMunn, Major G.FThe Armies of India - Paintings by A.C.LovettA. & C. BlackLondon1911

MacMunn, Lt.Gen. Sir GeorgeThe Living IndiaG. Bell & SonsLondon1934

MacMunn, Lt.Gen. Sir GeorgeThe Romance of the Indian FrontiersJonathan CapeLondon1931

Munson, ArleyKipling's IndiaEveleigh Nash & Co.London1916
Illustrated topography.
Pinney, ThomasKipling's India, Uncollected Sketches 1884-88Macmillan & Co.London1986

Robinson, PhilIn My Indian GardenSampson LoweLondon1888
A book of pen portraits admired by RK and used by him as a source. Author was the son of the first editor of the Pioneer and the elder brother of E.Kay Robinson.
Sanderson, G PThirteen Years among the Wild Beasts of India
A source for the Jungle Books He was the original of 'Petersen Sahib' in "Toomai of the Elephants"
Sandison, AlanThe Wheel of EmpireMacmillanLondon1967

Sleeman, W HAn Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in their Dens
Plymouth1852 Reprinted in Zoologist, 3rd series, vol xii. 1888 pp. 87-98
A source for the Mowgli stories
Steel, Flora AnnieTales of the PunjabMacmillan & Co.London1894
Illustrated by J. Lockwood Kipling. See also life of Steele by Violet Powell.
Sterndale, R ASeonee, or Camp Life on the Satpura Range
Key source for the Jungle Books
Sterndale, R ANatural History of the Mammalia of India and CeylonThacker SpinkCalcutta1884, abridged and revised by Frank Finn, 1929
Key source for the Jungle Books
Sterndale, R ADenizens of the Jungles:A Series of Sketches of Wild Animals, Illustrating Their Forms and Attitudes
Key source for the Jungle Books
Tennent, Sir J EThe Wild Elephant
A source for the Jungle Books
Tod, Lt-Col JamesAnnals and Antiquities of Rajasthan

1829 and many subsequent reprints
Source for Kipling when travelling in Rajasthan
Wurgaft, Lewis D.The Imperial Imagination: Magic and Myth in Kipling's IndiaWesleyan UPMiddletown,CT1983
What psychohistory can and should be.
Harish Trivedi and Jan MontefioreKipling in India, India in KiplingRoutledge India

Julius Bryant, Susan Weber, et alLockwood Kipling: Arts and Crafts in the Punjab and London