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We came at last to long capes stretching into winding waters, and on a grey beach below us we saw ships drawn up. Forty-seven we counted—not Roman galleys but the raven-winged ships from the North where Rome does not rule. Men moved in the ships, and the sun flashed on their helmets—winged helmets of the red-haired men from the North where Rome does not rule. We watched, and we counted, and we wondered, for though we had heard rumours concerning these Winged Hats, as the Picts called them, never before had we looked upon them.


This is from “On the Great Wall”, in Puck of Pook’s Hill.

Parnesius and Pertinax. young offricers on Hardrian’s Wall, are hunting in Pict country, to the north, and have come on the ships of their true enemies. the “Winged Hats”, Saxon raiders who will one day drive the Romans from Britain.