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Morning brought the penetrating chill of the Northern December, the layers of wood-smoke, the dusty grey-blue of the tamarisks, the domes of ruined tombs, and all the smell of the white Northern plains, as the mail-train ran on to the mile-long Sutlej Bridge…They were picking them up at almost every station now—men and women coming in for the Christmas Week, with racquets, with bundles of polo-sticks, with dear and bruised cricket-bats, with fox-terriers and saddles.


This is from “Judson and the Empire” in Many Inventions.

Lieutenant Judson R.N., on the Cape station at Simon’s Town with his gunboat, has dealt skilfully with a tricky little rebellion in a neighbouring Portuguese colony, with no loss of life or limb. He is celebrating with the local Governor out on the river, when his Admiral arrives in his great flagship, and joins the party…