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Morning brought the penetrating chill of the Northern December, the layers of wood-smoke, the dusty grey-blue of the tamarisks…They were picking them up at almost every station now – men and women coming in for the Christmas Week, with racquets, with bundles of polo-sticks, with dear and bruised cricket-bats, with fox-terriers and saddles…


This is from ‘William the Conqueror’ in ‘The Day’s Work’, one of Kipling’s few love stories with a happy ending.

‘William’, a redoubtable young woman, has come out to India to housekeep for her brother, a superintendent in the police. Famine has broken out in Madras, and when a relief team from the Punjab hasten down to help, William has joined it, and acquitted herself well. She has also found love. Now they are coming home to the Punjab for Christmas.