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… he made a sword&#8212a dark grey, wavy-lined sword&#8212and I blew the fire while he hammered. By Oak, Ash, and Thorn, I tell you, Weland was a Smith of the Gods! He cooled that sword in running water twice, and the third time he cooled it in the evening dew, and he laid it out in the moonlight and said Runes (that’s charms) over it, and he carved Runes of Prophecy on the blade. “Old Thing,” he said to me, wiping his forehead, “this is the best blade that Weland ever made”.


This is from “Weland’s Sword” in Puck of Pook’s Hill.

Weland, one of the Old Gods, who has been bound to work as a smith for passers by at the ford, has made a sword for Hugh, a young Saxon, who has released him from bondage. It will play a great part in England’s future, as revealed by Puck to the children.