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They went to their study in more or less of silence. Then they began to laugh—laugh as only boys can. They laughed with their foreheads on the tables, or on the floor; laughed at length, curled over the backs of chairs or clinging to a bookshelf; laughed themselves limp.


This is from “An Unsavoury Interlude” in Stalky & Co..

Their House, Prout’s, has been accused of not washing, and they are being called stinkers by the boys in King’s, for no particular reason. Some of the Prout’s boys pass a resolution in protest. Stalky and Co. deride this useless gesture, and take their own quiet but deadly revenge by hiding a dead cat above the ceiling of one of King’s dormitories. This creates a fearsome stink which is blamed on King’s. Here they are relishing the jest.