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‘I’ll come over every year after this,’ he said, in a burst of delight, as we ran between two ten foot hedges of pink and white may. ‘It’s seeing all the things I’ve ever read about. Of course it doesn’t strike you that way. I presume you belong here? What a finished land it is! It’s arrived. Must have been born this way…The train stopped in a blaze of sunshine at Framlynghame Admiral, which is made up entirely of the nameboard, two platforms, and an overhead bridge…


This is from “My Sunday at Home”, in The Day’s Work.

On a summer train journey through deepest England, the narrator falls into conversation with an American doctor, who is amazed at the peace and beauty of the countryside. This is soon to be broken when – at Framlynghame Admiral – the doctor mistakenly thinks that a navvy has taken poison, and administers a powerful emetic. What follows is spectacular and far from peaceful. .