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Hinchcliffe gave her a full steam and she came like a destroyer on her trial. There was a crack, a flicker of white water, and she was in our arms fifty yards up the slope; or rather, we were behind her pushing her madly towards a patch of raw gravel whereon her wheels could bite. Of the bridge remained only a few wildly vibrating hop-poles, and those hurdles which had been sunk in the mud of the approaches.


This is from “Steam Tactics” (1902) in Traffics and Discoveries.

The narrator, with Petty Officer Emanuel Pyecroft, Henry Salt Hinchcliffe, First-class Engine Room Artificer – who is driving a car for the first time – and a kidnapped constable, are adventuring across Sussex in a Stanley Steamer, a temperamental machine. They have strayed down a country-road, which peters out and leads them down into a green valley. Unfazed, the indomitable spirit of the Royal Navy takes over, creating a makeshift bridge and getting them up to firm ground.