(Sept 27th to Oct 3rd)

Format: Triple

…Three bold and experienced men – cool, confident, and dry when they began; white, quivering, and wet when they finished their trick at those terrible wheels – swung her over the great lift from Albuquerque to Glorietta and beyond Springer, up and up to the Raton Tunnel on the State line, whence they dropped rocking into La Junta, had sight of the Arkansaw, and tore down the long slope to Dodge City …


This is from Captains Courageous

The son of Harvey Cheyne, a powerful railroad magnate, fell overboard in mid-Atlantic from a liner, and was given up for lost. Months later, his father and mother have heard of his rescue by a fishing schooner on the Grand Banks. They are racing in a private railcar right across America from San Diego to Gloucester Massachussetts, to meet him, and the train crews are making all possible haste.

He scratched with a twig on the earth. ‘Look ! They should have come in by Srinagar or Abbotabad. Thatt is their short road – down the rive by Bunji and Astor. But they have made mischief in the West. So ‘ – he drew a furrow from left to right – ‘they march and they march away East to Leh (ah! it is cold there) and down the Indus to Hanle … and then down, you see, to Bushahr and Chini valley…


This is from Kim.

Hurry Chunder Mookerjee, a Bengali agent of the British secret service, in the Great Game, is on the trail of two Russian spies who have been stirring up trouble in the hill states. He is on the way to intercept them and capture their papers, with the help of Kim…

‘We went on – forty, fifty miles a day, for days on end – we three braves. And how a great tall Indian a-horseback can carry his war bonnet at a canter through thick timber without brushing a feather beats me ! My silly head was banged often enough by low branches, but they slipped through like running elks…’


This is from Rewards and Fairies.

Pharaoh Lee – ‘Brother Square-toes’ – is telling how he rode a long trail with two Indian Chiefs through the woods and mountains of the eastern states of America, to track down George Washington and find out whether there would be war with England.