(September 20th to 26th)

Format: Triple

‘Oh, that was when he set me to make a pudden, for because our cook was hurted. I done my uttermost, but she all fetched adrift like in the bag, an’ the more I biled the bits of her, the less she favoured any fashion o’ pudden. Moon he chawed and chammed his piece, and Frankie chawed and chammed his’n, and—no words to it—he took me by the ear an’ walked me out over the bow-end, an’ him an’ Moon hove the pudden at me on the bowsprit gub by gub, something cruel hard!’


This is from “Simple Simon” in Rewards and Fairies.

Simon Cheyneys, ship-builder of Rye, is talking of his adventures with Francis Drake in a small boat, in the ‘fetching trade’ across the narrow seas, rescuing Protestant refugees from the Spanish Inquisition.

“Lor!” said the man again. “It’s boilin’! It’s boilin’! You don’t boil when you stew, my son; an’ as for this”—up came a grey slab of mutton—“there’s no odds between this and motor-tyres. Well! Well! As I was sayin’——” He joined his hands behind his globular back and shook his head in silence … “Pore boys! Pore boys!”


This is from “His Gift” in Land and Sea Tales for Scouts and Guides.

A keen young scout, but no great cook, is making supper over the fire for his patrol. A local shopkeeper, who happens to be an experienced chef, has come to see what he is up to.

… an unlimited ‘brew’ — coffee, cocoa, buns, new bread hot and steaming, sardine, sausage, ham-and-tongue paste, pilchards, three jams, and at least as many pounds of Devonshire cream.

‘My Hat!’ said he, throwing himself upon the banquet. ‘Who stumped up for this ?

‘You’ ….


This is from “Slaves of the Lamp” in Stalky & Co..

Stalky and Turkey have pawned Beetle’s watch to pay for a study brew. At USC the boys were hungry a lot of the time.