(September 11th to 17th)

Format: Triple

‘‘M. de C.,’ I read, opened his campaign by stowing away in one of her boats what time H.M.S. Archimandrite lay off Funchal. ‘M. de C.’ was, always on behalf of his country, a Madeira Portuguese fleeing from the conscription. They discovered him eighty miles at sea and bade him assist the cook. So far this seemed fairly reasonable. Next day, thanks to his histrionic powers and his ingratiating address, he was promoted to the rank of ‘supernumerary captain’s servant’


This is from “The Bonds of Discipline” in Traffics and Discoveries

The sea … drummed tackily to gather my attention, coughed, spat, cleared its throat, and, on the eve of that portentous communication, retired up stage as a multitude whispering. Anon, I caught the tramp of armies afoot, the hum of crowded cities awaiting the event, the single sob of a woman, and a dry roaring of wild beasts…


This is from “Their Lawful Occasions” in Traffics and Discoveries.

Very far to the west an elongated blur of red, low down, shows us the North Banks Mark Boat. There are specks of fire round her rising and falling – bewildered planets about an unstable sun – helpless shipping hanging on to her light for company’s sake. No wonder she could not quit station…


This is from “With the Night Mail” in Actions and Reactions