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They strolled across the wind, shoulders touching, hands in pockets, caps driven down on their noses and coat-collars turned up against the fine rain that was sweeping over the Burrows… Overhead smoking vapours of the Atlantic drove low in pearly-grey wreaths. Out of the mist to windward, beyond the grey loom of the pebble-ridge came an unceasing roar of the sea…


This is from “Scylla and Charybdis”, the ‘lost’ and uncompleted ‘Stalky’ story that was first published in the March 2004 issue of the Kipling Journal.

It is thought to have been written in the summer of 1898 as an introduction to the ‘Stalky’ canon, but rejected by Kipling. The three have a hideout on the golf-course, on the edge of a bunker, from where they seize the golf-balls of errant golfers. They clash with an elderly Major, who attacks them, but they repel him with their catapults. When they are later caught, they evade punishment by threatening to reveal that the Major had been cheating.