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‘In that place, by the new King’s commandment, they made, as it were, a shrine for a saint, with lighted candles at the head and the feet of the Dead, and duly appointed watchers for every hour of the day and the night, until the dead King should be taken to the place of his fathers, which is at Wanidza.

‘When all was in order, the new King said, “Give entrance to all people,” and the doors were opened, and O my uncle! O my teacher! all the world entered, walking through that Temple to take farewell of the Dead. There was neither distinction, nor price, nor ranking in the host, except an order that they should walk by fours.


This is from “In the Presence” in A Diversity of Creatures.

Private Stanley Ortheris has left Garm, his magnificent bull-terrier with the narrator, as a ‘hostage’ for his good behaviour. While they are away from each other both dog and man are heart-broken, but here Garm is about to be restored to his master.