(Nov 4th to 14th)

Format: Triple

Yeou'm free to leather 'em saame as if they was yeour own sons. On my barn-floor shall'ee leather 'em.


This is from “Stalky” in Land and Sea Tales.

One Devon famer talks generously to another, thinking that he has the raiding collegers locked up in his barn. In fact they have been spitited away by Corkran, henceforth known as 'Stalky'.

'Eavy in the run, oily in the skin, broad in the beam, short in the arm, but, mark you, light on the feet.


This is from “His Gift” in Land and Sea Tales expressing wisdom about what a good cook should be like from Mr Marsh, late of the Merchant Navy. wHe has inspired William to use his natural gift, in learning to cook.

'I reckon you thought you ’ad something against me, and now you’ve come down an’ told it me like man to man. Quite right. I don't bear malice. Now, you send along those bricks an' sand, an’ I'll make a do to build the pig-pound myself. '


This is from “My Son’s Wife” in A Diversity of Creatures, part of the ongoing battle of wills between Midmore , the new;y established Squire and his villainous tenant farmer, Sidney.