(May 3rd to 9th)

Format: Triple

“Heavens!” said Jimmy, brushing himself down. “Who’s that real man with the real head?” and we hurried after them, for they were running unsteadily, squeaking like rabbits as they ran. We overtook them in a little nut wood half a mile up the road, where they had turned aside, and were rolling. So we rolled with them, and ceased not till we had arrived at the extremity of exhaustion.


This is from “The Puzzler” in Actions and Reactions.

Three distinguished men, out on a walk, come on a magnificent “Monkey Puzzle” tree, and conduct an experiment to see if it will really puzzle a monkey. The experiment goes wrong, and they are caught like naughty schoolboys by an angry householder. They are saved from embarrassment by the presence of mind of the narrator’s companion. Afterwards they laugh uproariously together, and become firm friends.

Then the three buried themselves in Number Five lavatory, turned on all the taps, filled the place with steam, and dropped weeping into the baths, where they pieced out the war.

‘Moi! Je! Ich! Ego!’ gasped Stalky. ‘I waited till I couldn’t hear myself think, while you played the drum! Hid in the coal-locker—and tweaked Rabbits-Eggs—and Rabbits-Eggs rocked King. Wasn’t it beautiful? Did you hear the glass?’

‘Why, he—he—he,’ shrieked M‘Turk, one trembling finger pointed at Beetle.

‘Why, I—I—I was through it all,’ Beetle howled; ‘in his study, being jawed.’


This is from “Slaves of the Lamp” Part I, in Stalky & Co.

Beetle, Turkey, and Stalky have been turned out of their study by King, the pompous Classics Master. In revenge they goad a drunken carrier into thinking that he has been attacked from the College. He curses loudly, is upbraided by King, and promptly hurls flints through the window, wrecking King’s study

Framlynghame Admiral village is a good two miles from the station, and I waked the holy calm of the evening every step of that way with shouts and yells, casting myself down in the flank of the good green hedge when I was too weak to stand. There was an inn,—a blessed inn with a thatched roof, and peonies in the garden,—and I ordered myself an upper chamber in which the Foresters held their courts, for the laughter was not all out of me. A bewildered woman brought me ham and eggs, and I leaned out of the mullioned window, and laughed between mouthfuls.


This is from “My Sunday at Home” in The Day’s Work/

The narrator has witnessed a hilarious scene on a railway platform, where – through a misunderstanding – a doctor has administered a powerful emetic to a huge navvy. with explosive results. Here the narrator takes refuge in the neighbouring village, rejoicing in the adventure. Even now, there is more to come…