(March 25th to 31st)

Format: Triple

‘Not even I can look thee between the eyes, and I was born among men, and I love thee, Little Brother. The others they hate thee because their eyes cannot meet thine—because thou art wise—because thou hast pulled out thorns from their feet—because thou art a man.’


This is from “Mowgli’s Brothers” in The Jungle Book.

Bagheera is explaining to Mowgli why many of the wolves hate him, despite the fact that he has been accepted as a member of the pack.

But in all the wild tumult he noticed, and never forgot, the wicked, set little eye—something like a circus elephant’s eye—of a whale that drove along almost level with the water, and, so he said, winked at him.


This is from Captains Courageous, where Harvey and Dan are fishing in among the Bank fleet.

The mouth was open, revealing a ridiculously tiny tongue … But the horror of the face lay in the eyes, for those were sightless—white, in sockets as white as scraped bone, and blind. Yet for all this the face, wrinkled as the mask of a lion is drawn in Assyrian sculpture, was alive with rage and terror.


This is from “A Matter of Fact” in Many Inventions.

A great sea creature has been thrown up, dying, from the depths of the ocean, by a tidal wave. It is such an extraordinary event that it cannnot be reported as fact. Kipling writes of it as fiction.