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The diamond-bright dawn woke men and crows and bullocks together … This was seeing the world in real truth; this was life as he would have it— bustling and shouting, the buckling of belts, and beating of bullocks and creaking of wheels, lighting of fires and cooking of food, and new sights at every turn of the approving eye. The morning mist swept off in a whorl of silver, the parrots shot away to some distant river in shrieking green hosts: all the well-wheels within earshot went to work. India was awake…


This is from Kim.

On the Grand Trunk Road Kim and the lama have joined the Sahiba, a salty witty old lady, secluded behind the curtains of her bullock cart, and looked after by a retinue of servants. Some of them are hillmen, who venerate the lama, as does the Sahiba herself. Here, on the first morning on the road, Kim wakes in the dawn.