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‘D’you think she did right to send ’em?’ The lady’s voice rose a little.

‘Well,’ said Dan, ‘I don’t see what else she could have done, either—do you? How did they stop King Philip from getting Virginia?’

‘There’s the sad part of it. They sailed out that autumn from Rye Royal, and there never came back so much as a single rope-yarn to show what had befallen them. The winds blew, and they were not. Does that make you alter your mind, young Burleigh?’


This is from “Gloriana”in Rewards and Fairies.

Gloriana (Queen Elizabeth I) has told the children how she sent two young men, with ships and soldiers. to try to stop the Spaniards, then the dominant power in Europe, from taking the American colony of Virginia. They never came back, Was she right to send them ?