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…They strove to stay where they were, though the bayonets wavered down the line like the oars of a ragged boat. Then they felt body to body the amazing physical strength of their foes; a shriek of pain ended the rush, and the knives fell among scenes not to be told. The men clubbed together and smote blindly – as often as not at their own fellows. Their front crumpled like paper, and the fifty Ghazis passed on …


This is from “The Drums of the Fore and Aft” in Wee Willie Winkie.

An inexperienced British regiment is driven back by a charge from a fearsome band of fanatical Afghans, armed with yard-long knives. Later they are shamed into counter-attacking by the bravery of two drummer-boys, who beat the advance alone out on the battlefield.

But it is too late to save the boys.