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“…Men saw their churches ablaze with the wildfire in the windows after dark; they saw their cattle scatterin’ and no man scarin’; their sheep flockin’ an’ no man drivin’; their horses latherin’ an’ no man leadin’; they saw the liddle green lights more than ever in the dik-sides; they heard the liddle feet patterin’ more than ever round the houses…”


This is from “Dymchurch Flit”, in Puck of Pook’s Hill.

In England in the time of Henry VIII, there is trouble and turbulence as the Reformation is enforced, churches and abbeys despoiled, and people burned at the stake. The People of the Hills – the fairies – can’t abide it, and decide to flit out of Old England from Romney Marsh, down in the eastern corner of Sussex. Their fear and unease hangs heavily over the Marsh.