Miss Kitty fitted her arrows with immense deliberation, so that every one might see what she was doing…She pinned the wooden legs of the target with great care four successive times. She pinned the wooden top of the target once, and all the ladies looked at each other. Then she began some fancy shooting at the white, which if you hit it, counts exactly one point. Barr-Saggott turned a delicate green … Next, she shot over the target twice, then wide to the left twice—always with the same deliberation …


This is from “Cupid’s Arrows” in plain Tales from the HILLS/

Barr-Saggott, a Commissioner with brilliant prospects, and ‘the ugliest man in Asia with two exceptions’, is courting Kitty Beighton. Knowing that she is an expert archer, he arranges a tournament with a handsome prize which she seems bound to win. She, however, has her eye on young Cubbon, and does some fancy shooting away from the centre of the target, ensuring that she loses. She has made her point.