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…Riveters by the hundred swarmed about the lattice side-work and the iron roof of the railway line hung from invisible staging under the bellies of the girders, clustered round the throats of the piers, and rode on the overhang of the footpath-stanchions; their fire-pots and the spurts of flame that answered each hammer-stroke showing no more than pale yellow in the sun’s glare. East and west and north and south the construction-trains rattled and shrieked up and down the embankments…


This is from “The Bridge-Builders” in The Day’s Work.

It describes the last stages of the construction of a great new bridge across the Ganges, ‘one mile and three-quarters in length; a lattice-girder bridge, trussed with the Findlayson truss, standing on
seven-and-twenty brick piers’. Soon after, ‘Mother Gunga’ floods, and threatens to sweep away the whole structure.