(April 28th to May 8th)

Format: Triple

It held a pretty lass, And all the time I talked with her, I prayed my cup would pass.


This is from Gethsemane, first published in 1919 after the war, in which a soldier anticipates his approaching death.

“Don’t be hard on them … They get worked up … They don’t know what they are doing … Promise” ‘.


This is from “The Church that was at Antioch”, first published in 19129, and collected in Limits and Renewals. A young Roman administrator, dying from a stab-wound, forgives his fanatical assassin in the words of Jesus.

… she turned for a last look. In the distance she saw the man bending over his young plants; and she went away, supposing him to be the gardener.


This is from “The Gardener”, first published in 1925, in which Helen Turrell visits the grave of her much love ‘nephew’—really her son.