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…At the end of the garden stood a hedge of flaming poinsettias higher than anything in the world … Their green went out against the blue sky, but the red poinsettias he could just see … as his legs grew under him, he found that by scaling an enormous rampart – three foot of broken-down mud wall at the end of the garden – he could come into a ready-made kingdom, where everyone was his slave…


This is from “The Son of his Father” in Land and Sea Tales for Scouts and Guides. Little Adam Strickland is growing up in India, among the exotic sights and smells of an Indian garden, surrounded by the friendship and love of his father’s servants.

Later in the tale he is whipped by his father for sitting among the horses. As his Muslim friends would feel, he is outraged that his honour – his izzat – had been damaged when he was beaten before a woman, his nurse. He gets his revenge by making a fool of his father before the servants.