Quotes Stalky


I’ve never done any cattle-liftin’, but it seems to me-e-e that one might just as well be stalky about a thing as not.” The smoking vapours of the Atlantic drove in wreaths above the boys’ heads. Out of the mist to windward, beyond the grey bar of the Pebble Ridge, came the unceasing roar of mile-long Atlantic rollers.


This is from Stalky, collected in  Land and Sea Tales, the adventure in which Lionel Dunsterville  (Stalky of Stalky & Co.)   acquired his nickname.

To be Stalky  was to be clever and wily, ,  often by  turning the enemy’s strength   against himself.Dunsterville grew up to be a General in the Great War,. He remained a close friend of Kipling,  and helped to found the kkipling Society in 1927.