Quotes Spring


There is one day when all things are tired, and the very smells, as they drift on the heavy air, are old and used. One cannot explain this, but it feels so. Then there is another day—to the eye nothing whatever has changed—when all the smells are new and delightful …

Then, perhaps, a little rain falls, and all the trees and the bushes and the bamboos and the mosses and the juicy-leaved plants wake with a noise of growing that you can almost  hear, and under this noise runs, day and night, a deep hum.  That is the noise of the spring—


This is from “The Spring Running” in The Second Jungle Book.

Mowgli has now grown to his full strength. He is the Master of the Jungle. But the jungle seems to take no heed of him, and he feels unaccountably sad.

He decides to make a running to the marshes of the North.