Quotes South Africa verse

February 4th to 10th


Half her land was dead with drouth,
Half was red with battle;
She was fenced with fire and sword,
Plague on pestilence outpoured,
Locusts on the greening sward
And murrain on the cattle!”

This is the second verseof the poem “South Africa”

Here in a large and sunlit land,
Where no wrong bites to the bone,
I will lay my hand in my neighbours’ hand,
And together we will atone
For the set folly and the red breach,
And the black waste of it all;
Giving and taking counsel each
Over the cattle-kraal


This is the second verse of the poem “The Settler”.

Sudden the desert changes,
The raw glare softens and clings,
Till the aching Oudtshoorn ranges
Stand up like the teeth of kings


This is the first verse of “Bridge Guard in the Karroo.”