Quotes Soldiers Three

October 1st to 7th


‘“Breast to breast!” he sez, as the Tyrone was pushin’ us forward closer an’ closer.

‘“An’ hand over back!” sez a Sargint that was behin’. I saw a sword lick out past Crook’s ear, an’ the Paythan was tuk in the apple av his throat like a pig at Dromeen Fair.


This is from “With the Main Guard” 

On a fearfully hot night in Lahore Mulvaney tells a tale of an old fight against a force of Pathans, to keep his comrades cheerful.

At the end he asks the stotry-yeller: “can thim that helps others help thimselves ?””

“Peg him out, Sorr,’ sez I, in a whishper.

“Peg him out!’ sez me orf’cer bhoy, up loud, just as if ’twas battalion p’rade an’ he pickin’ his wurrds from the Sargint.

“The non-coms tuk Peg Barney—a howlin’ handful he was—an’ in three minut’s he was pegged out—chin down, tight-dhrawn—on his stummick, a tent-peg to each arm an’ leg, swearin’ fit to turn a naygur white.


This from “The Big Drunk Draf”

A draft of men are on their way to embark for England at the end of theur service. They have got hold of some liquor and are roaring drunk.

Muvaney, the old soldier, now discharged, encourages their young officer to take a hard line with them.  He does so, the men aqccept  it, and they behave themseles thereafter.

‘Thin Vulmea, on the flure, raised a howl you cud hear from wan ind av cantonmints to the other. “I’m dead, I’m butchered, I’m blind!” sez he. “Saints have mercy on my sinful sowl! Sind for Father Constant!


This is from “Black  Jack”. /

The men in Mulvaney’s barrack room are bent on shooting  their  sergeant with Mulvaney’s rifle. and putting the blame on him.

But Mulvaney has overheard  their plan. He  takes out  the bullet  and fixed   the machanism so that it blows  back.

The killer, is not dead but sorely  wounded