Quotes Slaves of the Lamp


It all fell swiftly as a dream. Manders minor raised his hand to his head with a cry, as a jagged flint cannoned on to some rich tree-calf bindings in the bookshelf. Another quoited along the writing-table. Beetle made zealous feint to stop it, and in that endeavour overturned a student’s lamp, which dripped, viâ King’s papers and some choice books, greasily on to a Persian rug.


This is from “Slaves of the Lamp” in Stalky & Co.

Number Five Study, rehearsing a pantomime, have been held up to ridicule by King, the  acerbic Classics Master.

They get their revenge through a classic ploy by Stalky. Locked out of their study but hidden with a spare key, he peppers the local carter  with buckshot through the window. The carter swears, bring King to his own  lighted window below, and retaliates with stones, , wrecking King’s  study.