Quotes Simple Simon


, the more I biled the bits of her, the less she favoured any fashion o’ pudden. Moon he chawed and chammed his piece, and Frankie chawed and chammed his’n, and—no words to it—he took me by the ear an’ walked me out over the bow-end, an’ him an’ Moon hove the pudden at me on the bowsprit gub by gub, something cruel hard!’ Simon rubbed his hairy cheek.

‘“Nex’ time you bring me anything,” says Frankie, “you bring me cannon-shot


This is from Simple Simon, in Rewards and Fairies.

Simon Cheyneys, ship-builder of Rye, had shipped with Francis Drake in his youth, saving protestants from Spanish persecution in the Low Countries, as Drake learned  his trade as a sailorr, in the dangerous Narrow Seas.

Many years later, when Drake was harrying the Spanish Armada, simon does indeed bring him cannon-shot.