Quotes Rhoda


‘What about to-morrow?’ Rhoda asked, entering with garments over her shoulder. ‘It’s never stopped raining since you left. You’ll be plastered out of sight an’ all in five minutes. You’d better wear your next best, ’adn’t you? I’m afraid they’ve shrank. ’Adn’t you best try ’em on?’ ‘Here?’ said Midmore.

‘ ’Suit yourself. I bathed you when you wasn’t larger than a leg o’ lamb,’ said the ex-ladies’ maid.


This is from “My Son’s Wife”  (1917), in A Diversity of Creatures.

Frankwell Midmore. a  Hampstead intellectual has inherited an estate in Sussex and is becoming a country squire, hunting, enjoying  Surtees, and dealing with villainous tenant farmers.

He has also been taken over by Rhoda, the servant of the house, who had looked after him as a baby,