Quotes Puck


The bushes parted. In the very spot where Dan had stood as Puck they saw a small, brown, broad-shouldered, pointy-eared person with a snub nose, slanting blue eyes, and a grin that ran right across his freckled face. He shaded his forehead as though he were watching Quince, Snout, Bottom, and the others rehearsing Pyramus and Thisbe, and, in a voice as deep as Three Cows asking to be milked, he began:

‘What hempen homespuns have we swaggering here, So near the cradle of the fairy Queen?’


This is from  Welands Sword, the first of the stories  in Puck of Pook’s Hill.

This is the children’s first encounter with Puck. The last of the People of the Hills.
With him as their guide, , in the stories that follow, they will meet many figures from English history, a Norman knight, a Roman centurion. Queen Elizabeth, a builder, a ship-wright. In the process they come to understand much about people and power in Old England.