Quotes Letting in the Jungle


The four pushed side by side; the outer wall bulged, split, and fell, and the villagers, dumb with horror, saw the savage, clay-streaked heads of the wreckers in the ragged gap. Then they fled, houseless and foodless, down the valley, as their village, shredded and tossed and trampled, melted behind them.

A month later the place was a dimpled mound, covered with soft, green young stuff…


This is from “Letting in the Jungle”, in the Second  Jungle Book.

After he had left the village  where he  had  worked as a herd boy, Mowgli returns  to find his mother, Messua, with her husband,  tied up, awaiting torture  and murder.  He  frees them, and decides to let in the jungle upon the village,

Here the wild  elephants are pushing down the walls at his behest.