Quotes Great Game


“Tum-mut? You drunk? You mustn’t bang about as though Delhi station belonged to you, my friend.”

E.23, not moving a muscle of his countenance, answered with a stream of the filthiest abuse, at which Kim naturally rejoiced. It reminded him of the drummer-boys and the barrack-sweepers at Umballa in the terrible time of his first schooling.



This is from the twelfth chapter of Kim.

Having left school and trained as an intelligence agent, Kim is  on a railway  journey with his lama, He encountered another  agent, E23, who is in flight from enemies seeking to get him arrested on a trumped up charge and put an end to him.   Kim  saves his life by disguising him as a saddhu, a holy man.

On Delhi station they   encounter Strickland, a  police superimtendent, and als  a senior figure in   in intelligence.  E23  deliberately gets himself arrested  and safe into Strickland’s -keeping.