Quotes Garm II


Here Garm left me. He departed without a word, and, so far as I could see, without moving his legs. He flew through the air bodily, and I heard the whack of him as he flung himself at Stanley, knocking the little man clean over. They rolled on the ground together, shouting, and yelping, and hugging. I could not see which was dog and which was man, till Stanley got up.



This is from “Garm, a hostage” (1899)

Private Stanley Ortheris, an old soldier and a crack marksman, is prone to bouts of drunken-ness. He leaves his magnificent bull terrier, with the story-teller, as a hostage for his good behaviour. But the dog, whom the story-teller christens Garm, pines for his master, and Stanley too falls ill.

Here, dog and man are re-united.