Quotes Gardens

February 11th to 17th


Eyebright, Orris, and Elecampane.
Basil, Rocket, Valerian, Rue,
(Almost singing themselves they run)
Vervain, Dittany, Call-me-to-you—
Cowslip, Melilot, Rose of the Sun.
Anything green that grew out of the mould
Was an excellent herb to our fathers of old.


This is from “Our Fathers of Old”  (1910)

Serene, assenting, unabashed, he writes our orders down:—
Blue Asphodel on all our paths-a few true bays for crown—
Uncankered bud, immortal flower, and leaves that never fall—
Apples of Gold, of Youth, of Health—and—thank you, Pan, that’s all


This is from “Pan in Vermont” (1902)



Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made
By singing:—“Oh, how beautiful!” and sitting in the shade,
While better men than we go out and start their working lives
At grubbing weeds from gravel-paths with broken dinner-knives.


This is from  “The Glory of the Garden”  (1911)